Explore Data After Dark!
Eyebeam partnered with O’Reilly to invite attendees of the Strata Jumpstart, Summit, and Conference to our Strata New York celebration. It was a festive evening of creative cuisine, signature drinks, and the sharing of innovative ideas in our visualization showcase.

Our goal was to tell a story about the state of the art of visualization, the boundaries that it pushes (and isn’t pushing yet), the lessons learned from things gone wrong, and how to think about and intelligently interact with data in visual form.

The artists that were on display include:

* Amanda Cox
* Alexander Chen
* Richard Brath
* Mike Driscoll
* Andrew Gelman
* Noah Iliinsky
* Ligorano/Reese
* Eddie Jabbour
* Coco Krumme
* Lev Manovich
* Irene Ros
* Moritz Stefaner
* Jer Thorp

More info:
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