Performing the Web: JODI and Jeff Crouse & Aaron Meyers
Photos: Christine A. Butler courtesy of Eyebeam.

As part of the citywide biennial performance art festival, PERFORMA 09, Eyebeam will present an event featuring media artists who "perform the web" - bringing together net art pioneers JODI with emerging artists from Eyebeam's studios, senior fellow Jeff Crouse and research associate Aaron Meyers. The Performa 09 event, Friday, November 20, at 8PM, will highlight work that speaks to the speed of, and ruptures in, social media and user generated web platforms. The evening will feature Jeff Crouse and Aaron Meyers' high-energy, augmented reality game show, The World Series of 'Tubing; and JODI's The Folksomy Project, a performative audiovisual deconstruction of YouTube.

Installations of both group's work will also be on display November 19 - 21, 12-6PM. The installations will include sculptural objects and video projections that both describe and enhance the ideas behind the performances.
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