JUNE 16, 2009
8PM – Midnight

Photography: Adrian Vecchio (http://www.adrianvecchio.com), courtesy of Eyebeam.

PARTICIPATION REQUIRED: On June 16, 8 – 12AM join the creative process with glam cocktails, tasty food, deadly “big-yard” music, and a preview of the latest in art and technology. The Eyebeam Benefit is your chance to meet our all-star cast of contemporary artists and creative technologists, hob-knob with other like-minded creatives in our unique warehouse venue, and contribute to one of the most innovative art centers in North America, and arguably the most original in the world. All proceeds benefit Eyebeam educational programming, residencies and fellowships.


Environment design: fluxxlab with Brian Osborn
Video wizardry: Benton-C Bainbridge
Audio mixologist: DJ N-Ron
Fever Karaoke: Fever Creative
The World Series of ‘Tubing: Aaron Meyers & Jeff Crouse
You and your iPod … on stage: Re-ware
Hack Your Face: LoVid
TV Hijack: OMG I’m On (dot) TV
Causal Encounters: Intake Manifold
Sansystem: Art Jones
The Eyebeam Windowfarm: Rebecca Bray & Britta Riley
FIVE: Rashaad Newsome
Media Sponsor: Fame Game


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