Feedback Exhibition: March 13, 2008
Photography: David Malosh, 2008

What does it mean to think “green”? In Feedback we dive into the quagmire of questions raised by the increasingly commodified topic of "sustainability." The exhibition presents works that are in equal parts impassioned and pragmatic; public art proposals and industrial design share the space with DIY energy solutions and software tools.

The exhibition’s title, Feedback, refers to the self-correcting mechanisms by which systems—in this case, ecological—respond to the influence they exert on their environments. As the culmination of Eyebeam’s Sustainability Research Group's Beyond Light Bulbs programming series, the show highlights the concerns, interests and work of the group with projects by individuals, collectives, local community groups and the Eco-Vis Challenge winners.

The exhibition’s design underscores the issues raised by the individual works. A “green” commons atop donated artificial turf offers a meeting place for exhibition’s public programming. The effect is aesthetic and rhetorical, foregrounding the use of artificial surfaces like turf as replacement for actual green/grass. Hand-powered flashlights situated at all of the wall panels provide illumination for the accompanying texts and function as reminders of the energy used to mount an exhibition.

Each piece is accompanied by a video-documentary made by the artist collective Not an Alternative, and commissioned specially for Feedback. As documents of creative process, the videos offer insight into the artists’ inspirations and intentions in creating their pieces. The videos will be screened continuously in the main space, for the duration of the exhibition. They are also available for download, or for individual viewing on portable media devices available for free loan at Eyebeam.

Finally, each of the projects is labeled with a logo highlighting the issue addressed by the work: energy, waste, water, air or food.

Free artist-run workshops and events are scheduled Saturdays throughout the show’s duration to encourage discussion and action. The notion of “sustainability” has crept into our lives through everything from breakfast cereals to building materials, political campaigns to pop concerts. We hope Feedback will lead you to look beyond the fads and fictions of our environmental crisis, inspiring a critical, creative consciousness of the problems at hand.

Curators: Amanda McDonald Crowley (Executive Director), Liz Slagus (Director of Education and Public Programs), Paul Amitai (Exhibitions and Programming Coordinator), in collaboration with Eyebeam’s Sustainability Research Group
Exhibition designers: 2007 Eyebeam Residents and active participants in the Eyebeam Sustainability Research Group, Jenny Broutin and Carmen Trudell of Fluxxlab
Technical Design: Paul Amitai and Marko Tandefelt
Lighting Design: Benton-C Bainbridge
Videographer: Commissioned artist and friend of Eyebeam, Jason Jones of Not An Alternative
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