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  1. Stewf 118 months ago | reply

    This is indeed one of their better tables. I also have and enjoy that rug.

  2. Taklamakan 118 months ago | reply

    Who makes that wall colour and what's it called?

  3. bk2000 118 months ago | reply

    what's that complicated looking little machine that is evidently there for effect, without any cordage whatsoever...?

  4. G o r a n [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

    looks like a fax machine

  5. Rooey202 118 months ago | reply

    Looks like an old Alesis drum machine to me.

  6. Matt Jalbert 118 months ago | reply

    Yup, that's my old Alesis HR16 drum machine, which I got in 1988 (after breaking up my band in L.A., The Beginners), and on which I spent the next 3 years programming drums.

  7. Matt Jalbert 118 months ago | reply

    The wall color is "Zest" by Martha Stewart.

  8. allysdad 118 months ago | reply

    great photo! it looks like the photo is from their catalog...

  9. gwendolyn true 118 months ago | reply

    The hat and shoes make me think of Milan Kundera ... or maybe David Byrne. This could be a great album cover.

  10. blowout 118 months ago | reply


    (found on explore)

  11. redlady_rike 118 months ago | reply

    I like the pic...a fav!

  12. pstarr 118 months ago | reply

    love your place. at least this little part of it.

    nice shot.

    (btw how are you getting these nice rounded edges?)

  13. alternapop 107 months ago | reply

    i just moved into a new place near cole valley (see the large version of my panoramic shot) and am looking for design ideas. love the lamp! any idea where i can grab one?

  14. Matt Jalbert 107 months ago | reply

    I found that Air Force lamp a couple years ago at the Modernism show, at San Francisco's Concourse Exhibition Center.

  15. Ted Somerville 103 months ago | reply

    Alesis drum machine, awesome!! I have an SR-16, and that little thing has been the source of so much joy for me. I like the warm orange wall in the picture above.

  16. you sit at my table 92 months ago | reply

    What is the name of this coffee table? I'm trying to do a search for it on Craigslist

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