Remember Alex Brown thumb rings

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    Donate to the "Remember Alex Brown Fund" to help the Brown’s take the story of Alex to more people in more places more frequently to save more lives! We deeply appreciate your generosity and support. These Remember Alex Brown thumb rings are to help us all remember not to text and drive.

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    1. jaxson2009 39 months ago | reply

      Everyone please be aware of fake bands, the fake bands dont say remember Alex Brown so please be aware and make sure your money is going to the correct cause!!

    2. butchbutnoteasy 39 months ago | reply

      i am 26 years old and luckly have never had to go thru what yall have had to go thru. my deepest simpanthy goes out to the brown family. i text and drive all the time and so do a lot of my friends. i sigded the pledge just a few minutes ago and cant wait to tell everyone to do the same. i was wondering where i could get the thumb rings to have another reminder. please email me @ with the information to get some. i would love to spread the news up here and keep alex's memory alive.
      thank you,

    3. sashaplant 38 months ago | reply

      how can i get a 4 thumb ring?

    4. SnowAngel10 38 months ago | reply

      I would love to be able to spread your word in my area. We live in Richmond, IN and I see lots of people texting and driving and I would love to help save lives and Remember Alex Brown is a great way to help do that. I would like to know how to get the bands to pass out to people in our area. Thanks...


    5. Rosie @}-'-- 38 months ago | reply

      You can do the pledge so that it'll show up on the map screen thing, but you can print one somewhere too.
      = D

    6. janarue 37 months ago | reply

      Hi, i live in spain !! in there any way to get one of these thumb rings!! answer please!!

    7. ibegenie45 37 months ago | reply

      How do I b get some of these. My daughter will be 16 in October this year and I would love to pass them out in her High School class and to have the kids sign the no texting pledge. My heart goes out to Alex's family. I can't imagine the heartache. I see a lot of kids texting while driving and I just shake my head an d I am guilty as well, just not as much, but it only takes a second. Please let me know how to get the bands, I can print the pledges. My email is: and my name is Betty phone: 1-816-682-9313. Thank you so much.

    8. Rosie @}-'-- 35 months ago | reply

      From what I heard on Facebook when you donate money to the foundation then you get the thumb ring shown in the great photo above.

    9. amy_072389 [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

      I would like to know how to purchase

    10. mnal8800 35 months ago | reply

      My daughter is 18 and she just graduated from high school and going on to college this fall and I would really like to know how I can get her and her friends some of these rings and to sign the pledge

    11. pofflora 35 months ago | reply

      lora poff; ive already took the pledge dont to text and drive can i get two thumb i did the pledge in calif at my sister house for me and my husband we live in florida i would to get the message here in florida so the kids out here dont text and drive pledge here is my address for my thumb rings please 1225 south flagler ave apt 312 pompano beach florida 33060

    12. Beckyjoeball 35 months ago | reply

      I just finished watching homemake over and was touched I am a dispatcher at a small police department in northern oklahoma. I have daughters and granddaughters that text. I would love to get some of your pledges and work on getting them signed in this area and I think the thumb ring is a awesome idea if I can be of any help please let me know .......Concerned parent and grandmother Becky email Thank you for your desire to make this better for others your family is blessed and I know that Alex is proud of her family ....

    13. MirMedj 35 months ago | reply

      Just saw your story on Extreme Makeover how brave you all are and my condolance for your loss of Alex. I live in Dublin Ireland and would love to get these bands going here maybe saying 'Dont TEXT & DRIVE' + Alex Brown on it. (

    14. jodybullard 35 months ago | reply

      I would like to know how to get these rings also. I live in a couuunit where evryone knows one another. When a young perosn is lost it hurts us all. I would like to be able to give these out here in California. My son will be starting to drive in the next month or so. I am terrified. Texting should not be an issue but I know in my heart that even if it is not an issue for him than it will be for one of his friend's. Please let me know how to get the thumb band.
      I know I can get different kind's but I want these one's because they are in memory of someone that was so special to a parent and still is in memory.

    15. zelda1964 35 months ago | reply

      i am from england and would like to know how to get of dont drive and text rings

    16. sammyja2011 32 months ago | reply

      I live in England and recently i watched your story on Extreme Makeover it made my heart break and so i would really like to help spread the word so i would love to know how to purchase these thumb rings please could you let me know many thanxs

    17. Rosie @}-'-- 32 months ago | reply

      You get some thumb rings when you donate to her foundation.

    18. Grn Lntrn 28 months ago | reply

      i would love to have these my email is

    19. Grn Lntrn 28 months ago | reply

      i would love to have these for my family and I my email is

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