Agrifolk Art
Extreme Craft had the pleasure of being invited to the first glimpse of the birth of Agrifolk Art, a new art movement created by Jonathon Keats and Andrew Dietz. Mr. Keats became interested in the artistic capabilities of trees while completing an artist's residency in Maine. He contacted Andrew Dietz, author of "The Last Folk Hero" to discuss logistics, and the Agrifolk movement was born.

"Following additional research, Mr. Keats and Mr. Dietz determined that Georgia's seven million acres of tree farmland would provide an adequate agricultural base, and that young Leland Cypress trees, limber and resilient, were especially well suited to high- output artistic production. Because Mr. Keats has no farming experience, the Kinsey Family Farm in Forsyth County has granted him permission to work with their crop. On the weekend of September 16th, he will select fifty exemplary saplings, and, for two full days, will provide them with a variety of drawing implements as well as individual easels, to produce original works on paper. The finest examples will be exhibited by Agrifolk Art Associates, Mr. Dietz's newly-formed dealership, at Soho Myriad Gallery in Atlanta on October 14th and 15th. A documentary about the project, by critically acclaimed Atlanta film studio, Eyekiss and director David Edmond Moore, will be screened as well."
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