• The Parts That Make a Computer - one of the things students learn in this class

Students taking a computerized exam

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This is a Computer Fundamentals class taking an exam.

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  1. ltolenti 66 months ago | reply

    I was wondering if I could use this photograph in a diagram I am making for a journal article I am writing. It would be displayed along with a picture of kids in a science lab, to show different ways that students can experience a science lab. Would it be okay to leave the attribution out, or would you want me to put a mention in the Appendix?


  2. Extra Ketchup 66 months ago | reply

    Sure, use it, but just put something in the Appendix about this being GHCA's Computer Lab (or, if you prefer, state that the photo was taken by Michael Surran). Good luck!

  3. Claudiu Balaceanu * [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

    Hello! I am the administrator of a group called University Life + . Please add this photo to our group! Thank you !

    ~This photo received an invitation to University Life~

  4. ~XANE~[AWAY] 62 months ago | reply

    ~This Photo is invited for~Beautiful Capture Group~ and
    Beautiful capture Contest of "School"

  5. RhondaRCallow 55 months ago | reply

    Hi there,

    I used your photo in a post I wrote about computers in the classroom (all credit to you, of course!).



  6. tucsonconnie 43 months ago | reply

    Hi - I used this photo for an image inside an example of a learning module for online learning principles. I am getting my Masters in Educational Technology and I am creating a mock-up of a potential course (not for real use, though) It will not be used for the general public. I have indicated that you are the photographer.
    Thank you!

  7. lee01895 30 months ago | reply

    Can i put this picture on my Internet Safety Site

  8. Ríos de Tinta SA de CV 24 months ago | reply

    Best regards!

    I am writing ink Rivers, a publishing house dedicated to publishing educational books and children's literature-www.riosdetinta.com. We are currently performing editing a book of “Formación Cívica y Ética”. It was in our interest to include this photo:

    Same address for your collection. That is why I am writing to ask for reprint permission. Credit will be cited iconographic [name of photographer] and tell us.

    Attentive to your comments,

    Education through the dissemination,
    Franco Corona | Iconography and Copyright Management

    Morelos 16 Piso 5 06040 Center Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, Mexico | [jose.corona @ riosdetinta.com] | www.riosdetinta.com | January 55 5140 4900 | Ext.31962 | Mobile: 045 55 2259 9556

    Please think about the environment before printing this message

  9. BFND77 23 months ago | reply

    Hi, Extra Ketchup or Micheal Surran--
    Thanks for sharing this picture. I am also presenting a proposal for an online class, and would like to use it for the proposal--no public use. Thank you

  10. Career Flux 12 months ago | reply

    Hi Michael,

    I've published this picture of students taking an exam by you in an article on my blog at the following link:


    Please visit the article at the link above and see if you like it.

    Thanks for the nice image.

  11. mantha2013 5 months ago | reply

    Hello - I would like to you use your photograph in a video I'm making for a class project. Attribution will of course be included. :)

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