3188 - LCDR Third
3188 is the third LCDR coach to pass through the C&W works at Horsted Keynes.

It was built at Longhedge in December 1897 as 6-wheeled Full Third number 668. In January 1907 it was renumbered 3188 and was probably converted to a Brake Third when two compartments (north end as sited at HK) at this time. In August 1926 it was again renumbered 3652.

At the end of its career 3188 was part of set 835. This number has been found on the brake end between the guard's windows and in the SR carriage records which show that in 1934/5, as 3652, it was part of 14 coach six-wheeled set 835. Set 835 consisted of the following coaches:

3657 - Brake Third
7485 - First
7460 - First
3652 - Brake Third

Two Carriage Working Notices show that on 1st October 1934 it was berthed at Tattenham Corner. Two months later on 6th January 1935 it was being berthed at Cristal Palace High Level.

The set was probably used for excursion traffic and Hop Pickers Specials - although two first class coaches might count against this!

Withdrawal came on 28 December 1935 after 38 years of service. It was sold without an underframe, in conjunction with LSWR Family Saloon number 25, for use as a domestic dwelling in Yarcombe, Devon. Following the death of its owner, a retired employee from Swindon works, the new owners sort planning permission to redevelope the site. Once received they were keen to see the coaches preserved. Their delivery to HK on 18 October 2005 was coordinated by Peter Milnes.

The coach has been restored as a Full Third in the Purple Lake livery it would have carried in the late Edwardian period prior to WWI and is the third a planned five coach SECR train. It re-entered traffic on 18 June 2016 and carried its first fair paying passengers at the following weekend's Model Railway Weekend.
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