Norfolk Island VK9NA
Photos taken on Norfolk Island, south Pacific, in January 2011. I went there with a group of amateur radio friends who were returning to the island for their second radio "dx-pedition" to make as many radio contacts as possible on the VHF, UHF and microwave bands. These contacts require conditions in the troposphere to be stable and ideally to have warm air at an elevated altitude.

The second aspect of this year's trip was Earth-Moon-Earth communications using a specially designed high gain antenna and a digital communications mode designed and programmed by Joe Taylor W1JT. His WSJT suite provides modes to suit a number of different types of propagation.

For EME or moonbounce operation on the 144 MHz or 2m band, we used mode JT65B.

Further information on these modes can be found by searching for WSJT. Joe's WSJT website is hosted at Princeton University in the USA.

More information on amateur radio in Australia can be found here.
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