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Winter Anal gland/sac ruptured. | by victoria takahashi / experimetal
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Winter Anal gland/sac ruptured.


so we had no real prior warning what was about to happen.

I'm sharing this with you who have dogs and something that can be possibly prevented with knowledge.


here is a quick link for more info:


Saturday, we saw Winter scooting in the grass, he came in and he had poo stuck on his butt. That is odd bc this hasnt really happened b4. I could not get it off, and it was "stuck" on there still on Sunday and Monday. No odor.

I went to pick him up and I felt gush of liquid and was shocked to see watery blood (puss) (yuck) on my arm and floor. No smell.

Vet said that the anal sac must've been discharging, hence why the sap like poo/dirt was stuck so bad on his derrier. So thats a sign to look out for.


His anal sac got infected and apparently burst. I didnt know wtf was happening at the time.

Took him to the vet and this is when we found out what happened.

So it tore/burst open.


So, here is where we messed up.

Ususally when we bath the dogs every 1-2 months, we express the gland " only externally" at that time. Well the last time there was nothing to be expressed, which was odd, and the problem could of been starting then?...and we have not bathed them for quite a long time now, 4-5 months. But I am not sure of the timeline of how long it was infected or takes to get this bad....


ANyway, Winter has had a history of a sensitive digestive track, not tolerating alot of foods. So with this new knowledge, we learned that a dog who has had a lot of diarrhea "off and on" is "more" susceptable to a gland clogging/impacting and then infecting. As a dog need to have hard stool to "naturally" express the gland on its own.

The vet can do it for you I think at a minimal cost.

(or your vet can also teach you how to internally express the glands)

When our vet did the other side, he said it was like toothpaste, which means it could of got infected too...And he said we wouldn't of been able to express it on our own at that stage.


So treatment: 10-14 days keeping wound open(ouch) and squeezing Panalog antibiotics in wound 2xdy for 10-14dy. Along with Zeniquin antibiotics 1x10dys.


my poor baby...


eta: ruptures are supposedly VERY painful things for the animals to go through.

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Taken on April 28, 2008