Heritage Turkeys

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    Heritage Turkeys at Springfield Farms in Sparks, Maryland. See them at www.ourspringfieldfarm.com. Best turkeys around for Thanksgiving.

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    1. ExperienceLA 65 months ago | reply

      Over the last week there have been another 1,000 visits to this picture bringing the total to 3,300. I just came across an excellent article on "Historic Turkeys" by Christine Heinrichs excerpted from her upcoming book of How to Raise Poultry appearing in the October/November 2008 issue of Backyard Poultry. After reading the article, it looks like I have captured in this picture the following types of Heritage Turkeys: Bourbon Reds, Bronze Turkeys, and some type of White Turkey. The article is currently not available on the web.

    2. Erik Benson 57 months ago | reply

      I have been raising turkeys now for about a year. I have a somewhat larger city lot. It has been an amazing journey, but well worth it. I am really amped about whole foods, though I am not yet a completely disciplined adherent. I love turkey eggs, I think turkeys and chickens are amazing providers of soil tilth and my garden is growing like crazy as a result of having birds. I now hatch my own birds (chickens and heritage bronze and narraganset turkeys), and have recently allowed two hens to brood clutches with moderate success. My neighbors are kind to me and allow me to have a rooster. I keep him in a sound muffling enclosure at night and let him out before I go to work. I am looking forward to processing and eating my first bird this coming T-day

    3. ExperienceLA 54 months ago | reply

      I am blogging this photo on Twitter today, as it cleared 5,000 views on November 1, 2009 with 26 days to Thanksgiving to go. Over 100 views so far today from an unknown source according to flickr. If you are reading this, let me know, what that source is other than if you got here from twitter or google or yahoo images.

      This picture was licensed for non-exclusive publication by Houghlin MIfflin earlier this year on all print and web platforms.

      For 2009, our family again will be cooking a heritage turkey purchased from Bristol Farms sourced from Mary's Farms. Need to get my order in.

    4. ExperienceLA 54 months ago | reply

      Since last year, my flickr heritage turkey picture has been the official picture for Wikipedia on their listing for Heritage Turkey, see:


    5. ExperienceLA 54 months ago | reply

      A new blog posting for 2009 talking about free range turkey farms as tourist destinations and promoting free-range and heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving meals using my picture:


      Picture cleared 8,000 views on November 16, 2009 averaging 200 views a day in November 2009.

    6. Photon Bucket 54 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Edible Chesapeake, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. ExperienceLA 54 months ago | reply

      As this picture passed 10,300 views on Turkey Day 2009, my wife and I are having our first ever Heritage Turkey throw down, in honor of Bobby Flay's TV program. Using two 19 pound Mary Farm's Heritage Turkeys, she will cook her's in the oven with her old family oyster stuffing strarting with a multi-day dry salt brine, while I will do mine with a fresh herb, onion and lemon stuffing then seasoned with olive oil and K-Paul's poultry seasoning (no brining). Watch for pictures and taste tastes later.

    8. ExperienceLA 53 months ago | reply

      An excellent blog posting from treehugger.com on heritage turkeys that uses my picture as the lead to illustrating their article T:


      Article contains the following link to a Lisa M. Hamilton piece in Atlantic Monthly presented as a slide show that discusses how a California teen 4H club are raising heritage turkeys as a summer project in support of the Slow Food Movement:


    9. ExperienceLA 42 months ago | reply

      Here is an article that has been using this picture uncredited for the last year. Hope to see it officially acknowledged.


      There is significant pre-thanksgiving traffic coming to this page from unknown sources just like last year

    10. GreenFoodGal 42 months ago | reply

      Mea culpa! I have given you the credit you deserve to the wonderful heritage turkey photo. Sorry for the error.

    11. ExperienceLA 42 months ago | reply

      Thank you greenfoodgal but you did not have to switch the photo out from your 2010 guide. Keep on promoting heritage turkeys. You can find a number of heritage turkey pictures of mine that have been cooked on a rotesserie.

      This picture will clear 14,000 views before Thanksgiving 2010

    12. dlnichols774 42 months ago | reply

      Great picture. I used it in an article about Heritage Turkeys. Chickens On Camera, Choosing a Thanksgiving Turkey? Try A Heritage Turkey!


    13. ExperienceLA 42 months ago | reply

      Greenfoodgal - thanks for having this Turkey picture with a photo credit on your hhomepage.

      Picture has cleared 14,000 views.

    14. ExperienceLA 41 months ago | reply

      For November 2010 the picture was used as less for 2 blog postings to poll readers on their Thanksgiving birds including serious eats from new York:



      The pix is at 14,500 views on Thanksgiving morning 2010.

    15. ExperienceLA 41 months ago | reply

      And my own Chinatown LA blog post that links RI this picture in rge text


    16. ExperienceLA 31 months ago | reply

      With two months unti thanksgiving 2011 activity on this picture from google is beginning to surge. So as of September 24,2011, this picture has been viewed 16,500 times. This is 2,000 views in last 10 months.

    17. ExperienceLA 29 months ago | reply

      So this picture clocked in at over 17,800 on thanksgiving day 2011 november 24.

    18. ExperienceLA 18 months ago | reply

      Since July 2008 this has been the official image for Wikipedia in their article on heritage turkeys and can be found at:


      Visitor count to this picture is at 18,525 with just over two weeks to go before thanksgiving 2012.

    19. ExperienceLA 13 months ago | reply

      And here is another well written blog post using this picture. This one from William rubel author of two food narrative books: bread and the magic of fire.


      Picture count from google has gone down dramatically due to how the search engine works. Takes multiple clicks before it registers a view on Flickr. Also Wikipedia views don't get picked up.

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