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    Live performance photoshoot with dancers Unsinkable Molly and Predslava.

    Sutro Baths ruins, San Francisco, California. October 2011.

    Performance, choreography, concept, and costumes by Unsinkable Molly and Predslava.

    Photography by Libby Bulloff and Patrick McCracken. See Patrick's set here:

    All rights reserved.

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    1. 10v10 41 months ago | reply

      very cool series

    2. Wurzeltod 41 months ago | reply

      Nice series.

      May I ask when these costumes were made? They remind me very much (too much?) of young Californian designer Alexandra Groover's newest collection that was released in September.

      I'm just curious. Thanks. x

    3. exoskeletoncabaret 41 months ago | reply

      The piece debuted at The Cell on Sept. 1, 2011, so I can safely assume Molly designed and produced the costumes this summer. They're very indicative of her entire body of work--this is her MFA show which I helped install and shot in 2008: She does a lot of work with conjoined dancers and costuming that restricts or assists in the formation of a dance. Molly's MFA piece was documented and the video went to Cannes, where it won an award.

      So, I guess any relationship between her pieces and those of Groover are purely coincidental, but thanks for the link! I'll check out her video when I find some time.

    4. Wurzeltod 41 months ago | reply

      Ah, and thanks for showing me your link! That really helps understanding where she's coming from and it's indeed very different and more dance inspired. So in a way they're probably about as related as butoh to the Human Centipede. I'm shit with metaphors. :P

      Alexandra is my friend and I just thought it was a bit curious but makes perfect sense now. Yeah, I think you might like her stuff. She's currently London based.

    5. exoskeletoncabaret 41 months ago | reply

      Yeps! Molly doesn't do fashion so much as wearable sculpture for performance. She is in the San Francisco area but we've been collaborating since we met in Bloomington, Indiana in 2004.

      I will definitely check out your friend's work! Thanks for sharing! More art all around! \m/

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