• Yeah, these chubby little knees definitely need smoochin'. - SarahIvy


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Some of my favorite people are in this shot! :D

Jenn and Chris went to an ill-fated high school reunion (what did I tell you about reunions, Jenn?!) and stopped by afterward to see us.

Just look at the chunk on that baby! I know cloth diapers really gives her a huge bum but wow, she is a chunky monkey!

  1. dingey sexton 65 months ago | reply

    I like her little knee rolls.

  2. Bonnie-K 65 months ago | reply

    She looks like a healthy baby

  3. ♪LaOrganista♪ 65 months ago | reply

    Baby Got Back! Sorry I couldn't resist:) I think she is adorable. And I heck tried to convince Justin to go to the reunion, lol!

  4. Megan Conlin (organicpixel) 65 months ago | reply

    What a sweet photo! Love both of their expressions.

  5. ex.libris 65 months ago | reply

    Thank you all! I always think of her as having junk in the trunk.

  6. Pamela Drouin 65 months ago | reply

    omg, cutest buns ever! like puppy or bunny buns cute! (does that sound weird?) cute overload....

  7. life.of.jenn 65 months ago | reply

    haaaaha i thought "junk in the trunk" and then read the responses to see if anyone else said the same thing. ah yes, great minds think alike.

    she's gonna sprout up one of these days!!

  8. thejennui 65 months ago | reply

    chubby baby bits! nom nom nom

  9. purplejoes 65 months ago | reply

    ah baby fat!
    Nice pic!

    Ill-fated HS reunion? Hmmm...yeah I didn't make it.

  10. ex.libris 65 months ago | reply

    Pam, no it doesn't sound weird, but you have to remember who you're talking to---I'm a weirdo over here!

    Jenn, LOL of course.

    thejennui, she's used to people randomly nomming her.

    Jose, Did you know it was $20 per person?! Also, you just upped your street cred with my by like 1,0000 points for not going.

  11. purplejoes 65 months ago | reply

    alright, I like the streetcred! I heard that it was $20, that they wanted you to dress formally or something like that and that at most it would have been some small finger food.

  12. ex.libris 65 months ago | reply

    "Cocktail attire." The whole thing was bullshit.

    And I officially know way more about your reunion than I did about my own, LOL.

  13. life.of.jenn 64 months ago | reply

    regrets regrets......

  14. ex.libris 64 months ago | reply

    You would have had regrets either way, just different sorts of regrets. :)

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