Hi there

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    With the return of camera jr. comes the return of... pictures of my head!

    1. ♥loveberries ages ago | reply

      aww, hello there! Aren't you looking pretty :)

    2. an EyE for perspective ages ago | reply

      Love your eye color!

    3. -RYAN ages ago | reply

      i like lil cameras! they can be fun. :)
      i hope you're enjoying the 4th!

    4. Megan Conlin (organicpixel) ages ago | reply

      I can really see your family resemblance to your sister in this shot. Something about that lovely eye and cheekbone of yours.

      Viva camera jr.

    5. BerlinsWhimsy ages ago | reply

      Great shot.

    6. ninjapoodles ages ago | reply

      You mean HALF your head.

    7. Buttons McTavish ages ago | reply

      lovely hazel eyes!

    8. Berglind Mari ages ago | reply

      Your eyes are so amazing!

    9. maniacal care [deleted] ages ago | reply

      hey there pretty lady!! lookin good :D

      hope you had an excellent 4th!

    10. ex.libris ages ago | reply

      Thank you so much everybody! Your compliments are very kind.

      Organicpixel, we don't look alike often, but I know there are strong resemblances here and there. We do sound identical on the phone, though. There have been times when I've left messages on our machine for Anthony and when I listen to my own voice later I think, "Oh, Theresa called."

    11. truck stop tea party ages ago | reply

      hello hello! so pretty!

    12. handy earth [deleted] ages ago | reply

      hello hello

    13. ex.libris ages ago | reply

      Hi Hi! :)

    14. cooperative tiger [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Hello beautiful. :D Hope you're well. :-)

    15. ex.libris ages ago | reply

      I am! It's great to see you again. Hope you post more with that film camera of yours soon.

    16. cooperative tiger [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I surely will. I apologize for making you wait. XD not much longer now. :-) xx

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