4 U Leonard Cohen

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    '4 U Leonard Cohen' On Black

    Ah the man she wanted all her life was hanging by a thread
    "I never even knew how much I wanted you," she said.
    His muscles they were numbered and his style was obsolete.
    "O baby, I have come too late." She knelt beside his feet.
    "I'll never see a face like yours in years of men to come
    I'll never see such arms again in wrestling or in love."
    And all his virtues burning in the smoky Holocaust
    She took unto herself most everything her lover lost
    Now the master of this landscape he was standing at the view
    with a sparrow of St. Francis that he was preaching to
    She beckoned to the sentry of his high religious mood
    She said, "I'll make a place between my legs,
    I'll show you solitude."

    He offered her an orgy in a many mirrored room
    He promised her protection for the issue of her womb
    She moved her body hard against a sharpened metal spoon
    She stopped the bloody rituals of passage to the moon

    She took his much admired oriental frame of mind
    and the heart-of-darkness alibi his money hides behind
    She took his blonde madonna and his monastery wine --
    "This mental space is occupied and everything is mine."

    He tried to make a final stand beside the railway track
    She said, "The art of longing's over and it's never coming back."
    She took his tavern parliament, his cap, his cocky dance,
    she mocked his female fashions and his working-class moustache.

    The last time that I saw him he was trying hard to get
    a woman's education but he's not a woman yet
    And the last time that I saw her she was living with some boy
    who gives her soul an empty room and gives her body joy.

    So the great affair is over but whoever would have guessed
    it would leave us all so vacant and so deeply unimpressed
    It's like our visit to the moon or to that other star
    I guess you go for nothing if you really want to go that far.

    It's like our visit to the moon or to that other star
    I guess you go for nothing if you really want to go that far.

    It's like our visit to the moon or to that other star
    I guess you go for nothing if you really want to go that far.

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    1. thespeak ages ago | reply

      Fix it? I'd rather fav it!

    2. gigantic prose [deleted] ages ago | reply

      ...... it's the place of reconciliation, it's the conssolumentum, the kiss of peace." It is a harbor place that we are brought to by Leonard Cohen

      Deep thoughts of war, passion, conflict and sex Very good post, always, Cile

    3. far-flung horses [deleted] ages ago | reply

      fantastic... and the Stevekin's version is exceptional.

    4. Ex-InTransit ages ago | reply

      Oui... Leonard C. not only a friend but truly exceptional!

    5. learned vessel [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Leonard C. is one of my dearest artists...
      beautiful image...

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    6. learned vessel [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Thank you and your friend who is my inspiration since childhood..


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      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called La Chambre Claire ~ {Camera Lucida}, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    8. scattered sofa [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I have no words for this image. Too beautiful for words.

    9. comfortable jellyfish [deleted] ages ago | reply

      very nice image

    10. Hana_photographer ages ago | reply

      ah.... this little find, made my day....

    11. juditny ages ago | reply

      This is a wonderful poetic gem!
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      Merry Christmas!


    12. colossal pull [deleted] ages ago | reply

      must be superb in reality. Already very inviting & poetic

    13. ironsoap 29 months ago | reply

      Used this arresting image to accompany a short story: ironsoap.com/2016/07/naked-in-the-mirror/

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