Mountain Pine Beetle Kill - Gearhart Wilderness, Oregon

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Here is an example of extensive tree death related to infestation with the Mountain Pine Beetle. I fully expect that this forest will soon burn to the ground. The Gearhart Wilderness is an extrordanairy place and it sad to see all the trees that have died. We did a trail run last Friday - Ringo and I were the only ones there - we had the entire wildernes area to ourselves.

  1. SouthernBreeze 22 months ago | reply

    Remember... "Forestry Management" means something else other than doing nothing.

    That's a good case for allowing logging of dead standing timber. It not only reduces fire hazard, it eliminates places for the bugs and other noxious insects to live, reduces disease and encourages healthy, thriving forest. They typically show up on old, weak timber that needs to be harvested, anyway.

  2. ex_magician 22 months ago | reply

    We made it as far as the saddle (about five miles) but the snowfields covered the trail. In an effort to NOT get lost we turned back early. Late June or early July is the earliest we can usually get into the high country around here.

  3. Librarianguish 22 months ago | reply

    Doomed to big forest fires in the near future, I'm afraid.

  4. godisinusall (GreyReb in+out + real busy) 22 months ago | reply

    That is sad to hear !! A lot of timber might be in flames soon from the heat !! It is so great to see snow still there, amen !!!

  5. ~Craig~ 22 months ago | reply

    what an incredible view

  6. Oregon Outdoors Photography 22 months ago | reply

    need a good fire to clean house a bit

  7. jucoco 22 months ago | reply

    I live on the West Coast of Canada and have been getting "used" to seeing millions apon millions of dead trees from pine beetles for years now. It is a horrific thing to see. I had no idea they have moved so far south. Seems the only way to rid you're area of them is to let them eat all the trees then they starve to death and move on. Pretty sad :-(

  8. ex_magician 22 months ago | reply

    I've read that if it gets really cold - -40F -it kills the beetles. It never gets that cold around here any more.

  9. jucoco 22 months ago | reply

    Exactly. Pine beetle has been in BC for a long time but the cold winters would kill off enough to make them manageable. But with the milder and milder winters they are running out of control. Things have slowed down here but thats because they've run out of trees to eat. If you wanna make some money start a tree removal service. Guys in my town were charging home owners 2k a tree removal and they couldn't keep up.

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