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    Just been back from a trip to take photos of the windmills at the windfarm on Ovenden Moor with Rick, but we found some cows on the way back which were much more fun!

    Rick has a slight inclination towards cows and coached me on the best way to get these beasties to pose properly ;)

    Did feel slightly guilty for having a very nice and big steak and ale pie at lunch though just before taking this.

    ** sent to the slaughterhouse that is deleteme.


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    1. ZachCoelius 78 months ago | reply

      Thats a great picture. I wish I could place it using the Triggit photo tool

    2. Hotortillas 78 months ago | reply

      Your photo has been featured in Awww, Thats Cute

    3. amanky 78 months ago | reply

      love the perspective!

    4. jimbowen0306 77 months ago | reply

      Funny photo, almost looks like a disembodied head. The cow has an interesting tongue!

    5. VROG in Bristol 77 months ago | reply

      Perfect for the NOSES - Close and Funny group

    6. luvmykatz (off now--surgery) 77 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Pet noses know... (post 1 ~ comment 1), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

      This is too great! Perfect! Love this shot!

    7. StormyinGA 77 months ago | reply

      This is adorable. I love the little bits of grass on the tongue. Cute!

      Seen in Pet noses know...
       Pet noses know...

    8. -Elma- 76 months ago | reply

      Good! ;-)

    9. Darlene Fichter 73 months ago | reply

      Great photo - hope your marathon run went wonderfully well. I have used this photo on my blog thanks to your willingness to license it under the Creative Commons - thanks so much.

    10. craigwbrown 62 months ago | reply

      thanks for sharing via cc

      I will be posting this to on 15th March 09 to illustrate a blog comment on project stakeholders. (Geddit?)

    11. Fotografía Dani Martín 61 months ago | reply

      shes slave number 542!!

      Gooo Vegan!!

    12. gothormr 58 months ago | reply

      Nice shot! :-)

    13. Rufus/Rover 51 months ago | reply

      wow i love the detail on her tongue

    14. astadiego 49 months ago | reply

      muy buena, che.

    15. Tara.G. 41 months ago | reply

      you just made my day hahaa this is brilliant!

    16. VeganRabbit 27 months ago | reply

      love the texture!!!

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