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Calm, Cool, and Corrected

099/365 Using one of The Strobist's more subtle techniques for better color, white balance to Sun, and "corrected" the flash with 1/4 CTO gel. This is something that got me laughed out of a camera store once (wanted to correct for the blue i was getting using fill flash with daylight film, and correct to tungsten indoors). Funny, that shop doesn't exist any more. Forgot about trying this digitally until last months Flash Bus Tour stop in Dallas, where David Hobby aka The Strobist went on at length about gelling for sun. I was happy, up to this point, setting white balance for flash and letting everything else warm up. Not any more. I even managed to make a couple of diy gel holders from one of his @strobist twitter messages (and found here: the-strobist-corner-super-simple-gel-holder-for-strobist-gels

Lighting info, shutter set a stop or 2 below ambient (started at 2 below and stepped closer to 0 to get the fill i wanted). Scrim camera right with gelled speedlite behind it.

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Taken on April 9, 2011