Experimental Alice Photos
Falling can happen wherever you are. When I think about Alice in Wonderland, I think about her falling, fleeing, discovering, choosing and ultimately surviving. She does all of it in a land of fantasy. It is the perfect backdrop for exploration.

I spent part of this year taking pictures in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Taken from visual notions of bright intense colors and surrealism, I have applied a photographic lens to tell this story. I am presenting independently or pairing either versions of Alice or her location. These are attempts to illustrate glimpses into universal stories by exploring the wonderland that surrounds myself and my subjects.

" It would be so nice if something made sense for a change." was a famous quote from Alice. Engulfed in a world of extremes we are experiencing a time in history when everything is accelerating at the speed of light.

Fantasy is a welcome respite. This is where I have journeyed to find some photographic sense. Alice reminds us of the journey we are all on and the need for retreat.
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