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    The inside of the former Lansdowne Picture House, London Road, Sheffield. The facade has been retained is being restored as part of a student accommodation complex. When it ceased being a cinema it became a night club, Locarno, Bed, Palais, Lansdowne Bar, Tiffany's. It was reknowned in the 70s for "grab a granny" nights. To us 20 somethings, anyone over 35 fell into that category.

    1. johnboy01 102 months ago | reply

      Inside of the locarno / bed /pallis / lansdown bar spent many a pilled up night in here top fun raving allnight

    2. evissa 102 months ago | reply

      Sounds great!! Never been inside it myself. During my clubbing years it was Tiffany's and they specialised in plastic palm trees and grab a granny nights but I guess it all changed after that and became cool.

    3. ClydeHouse 102 months ago | reply

      Oh, and I thought we were currently in your clubbing years!? :)

      I'm glad you got this view before it disappears again. K.

    4. evissa 102 months ago | reply

      It's great isn't it? I love the different colours of paint. I wish now that I'd been inside it when I had the chance. But then again, I've not been to a nightclub since the one on Bank Street was called Bailey's which is probably about 1975.

    5. ClydeHouse 102 months ago | reply

      You were a rum'en then - in clubs aged 10... K. :)

    6. evissa 102 months ago | reply

      he he ... Bailey's was great. It was free for girls but the guys had to pay. A great marketing wheeze. Don't think they do anything like that now anywhere, as my daughter pays a fortune to get into Republic.

    7. polly.jayne 102 months ago | reply

      I remember a couple of years back that one club (can't remember which) gave free entry to anyone wearing a frock. But I don't think they did it for very long.........

    8. evissa 92 months ago | reply

      Just re-reading this thread .. Republic (Gatecrasher) is now another piece of Sheffield's lost history since it went up in flames .

    9. polly.jayne 92 months ago | reply

      Sad to see when another bit is gone for good

    10. pomato 90 months ago | reply

      Why are our cinemas disappearing?

      I'd be honoured if you could post some of your wonderful photos to DEAD CINEMA GROUP

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