Honda S2000 (Alien Skin Bokeh)

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    The car shown is a modified Honda S2000 (AP2) that I came across parked outside of a Drift Event in Memphis, Tennessee. Apparently, he didn't want his car to get hit with a door or ran into because he parked far away from everyone. The isolation helped me grab a good photo without any clutter.

    This photo has been uploaded before, but I decided to try it again in black and white, with a little different of an edit thrown in.

    Previously, I had challenged everyone to find the major difference in this edit and a previous edit, other than the black & white conversion. Since we've let the cat out of the bag, I'll go ahead and share what I've done.

    The bokeh in this photography was added digitally, and the depth of field is shallow enough that it would be hard to replicate with a conventional lens in this scenario. While the original was shot at a large aperature, the added bokeh makes the depth of field appear even more extreme.

    The software being used was Alien Skin's Bokeh filter. Now, I've never been one to add blur or bokeh in processing. To be honest, I've always considered it tacky, and have never seen a very realistic bokeh done with photoshop or other software. With that being said, I was really impressed with the Alien Skin software. It was used very heavily in this scenario, but a very light addition on most photos would give perfectly natural appearing edits if done correctly and thoroughly.

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    1. NazVil_Photos 65 months ago | reply

      tilt shift lens effect like he said earlier?

      anyways- now i downloaded the trials off the insanely impressed. i got this other plugin- i think something called exposure...or something like that- a b/w film converter and color film in love. also got some cheesy ones...stay tuned, im gonna put lightning in some of my pictures now hah

    2. _jvns 65 months ago | reply

      Alien Bees Exposure is really good. EDIT: ALIEN SKIN, not Alien Bees.

      Yeah, it does look very much like a toy, the reason being because of the unnatural depth of field. With a macro lens on something tiny, you'd get a similar depth of field even at a smaller aperture.

    3. NazVil_Photos 65 months ago | reply

      alien bee's huh...
      think you really wanna buy some of those flashes dont you lmao

    4. _jvns 65 months ago | reply

      Ahahah Alien Skin, I mean. My bad!

    5. NazVil_Photos 65 months ago | reply

      i swear if you start posting up pics using AB's

    6. _jvns 65 months ago | reply

      I was thinking about buying some but I ended up paying to get my car repainted. Maybe next month!

    7. NazVil_Photos 65 months ago | reply

      oooooooooo fresh paint
      lol another one of your pics has turned into a chatroom, sorry haha.

    8. _jvns 65 months ago | reply

      Thats alright, you guys keep posting and giving faves and I'll Explore it, LOL!

    9. Vispire 65 months ago | reply

      that perfekt. I Love that car.

    10. Bobby Alcott 64 months ago | reply

      Great stuff. Congrats on the AS shoutout!

    11. _jvns 64 months ago | reply

      Thanks dude!

    12. _jvns 64 months ago | reply

      Wow, I got 200+ hits from direct links, and about 60+ hits from emails yesterday. Could someone let me know where they're specifically getting the link from? I'm very interested!

    13. mario.vasta 64 months ago | reply

      Im interested too haha. You get an insane amount of views on your pics man.

    14. _jvns 64 months ago | reply

      I have never seen as many as I got yesterday from this one, it must've went out in an email or a bulletin, most likely an Alien Skin news bulletin.

    15. mario.vasta 64 months ago | reply

      cool. I like how Flickr traces where your views come from.

    16. _jvns 64 months ago | reply

      Yeah man, its a great resource!

    17. Diederik de Regt 47 months ago | reply

      Nice shot and awesome S2000!

    18. Barron Roth 40 months ago | reply

      Perfect shot! The black and white conversion is top notch. Alien Skin can really make some great plug-ins.

      Did you use AS Exposure to get the B/W?

    19. _jvns 40 months ago | reply

      No - I did the black and white myself ;)

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