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pick me up | by Ms_evinrude
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pick me up

firenze, italy.


fine dining in italy with red wine!

how can people eat so much at one go?! dinner consisted of 5 courses, excluding the wine =p


first course: pizza. nice thin crust. simply cheese and tomato sauce.


second course: soup or zuppa! it's like a porridge because it's made of barley, or is it oats? light and addictive. not as savoury as other soups i've had throughout the tour but i don't know why i couldn't bring myself to stop until i went through half the bowl. but that was mainly because i was already feeling full ><"


third course: pasta! it's spaghetti with olive oil, and flavoured with herbs and chilli flakes. nice and spicy. love it! but of course, i had to make myself stop.


fourth course: main course! roasted chicken thigh with roasted potatoes. by this time i was quite up to my limit already but fine dining in italy! i couldn't give up just yet! chicken was had a crispy skin which i didn't eat but the meat was tender. flavoured with rosemary, but i knew that coz there was rosemary on my chicken when they served =p


fifth course: dessert. oh finally! it was tiramisu. the trays of tiramisu were actually all sitting behind our table for quite some time, i think from the 4th course and was being cut. this was nicer than the one in venice in my opinion. the one in venice seemed to be made from sponge but this i could tell it was lady fingers.


yay! end of dinner! and a little high on wine.


missing photographs of some courses because they were crappy. well as if these 2 aren't crappy enough.




for FPC

i made it slightly off-coloured. wonder if it's looking right on your side.

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Taken on December 16, 2007