Pity Party

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Work yesterday burnt me out. I didn't get out of that place until 1 AM.

I am tired and sore and grumpy.
I threw a pity party and no body came.
But there were balloons and that cheered me up.

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  1. Lindsay_NYC 60 months ago | reply

    It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

  2. Shamelessly Hannah 60 months ago | reply

    "Grumpy grumpy erin why is she so grumpy!?"
    If there is cake I will come.

    I love you!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  3. Sara. Nel 60 months ago | reply

    I hate balloons. I am not coming.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  4. Psychedelic Tuna 60 months ago | reply

    too cute. i love this erin. hope you're relaxing now!

  5. g d tошиѕнеиdе 60 months ago | reply

    Pity I wasn't invited. This was following that 16-hour shift, right? I can certainly understand grumpy. Get some rest, then you can tone it down to bitchy.

  6. just.K 60 months ago | reply

    Damn you look pissed.
    If it helps, if I'd known anything about the party I'd have showed up with a fifth of Jack and Jenga.

    Cos everyone knows the only way to play Jenga is whiskey drunk off your ass.

  7. © Miguel J. Ramos 60 months ago | reply

    no te enfades mujer,
    que estas de fiesta

    genial la toma !!!!

  8. jw corley 60 months ago | reply

    Popping the balloons would have made me smile a bit.....maybe not a good idea at 1AM though.

  9. Robczn 60 months ago | reply

    That red balloon is about to get it

  10. MickRheault! 60 months ago | reply

    looks like an AWESOME party :P

  11. Keith Anthony 60 months ago | reply

    Love it! You look like a spoiled 12year old who didn't get what they wanted for their birthday.

  12. Sonia's Images 60 months ago | reply

    Aaaahhh, lovin' it!

  13. Kyle Hixson 60 months ago | reply

    I would have gone to your party, but my invite seems to have been lost in the mail.

    Seen in the group"Flickr Sistrs" (?)

  14. Chance S. [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

    Sorry your grumpy.What is funny is I look like this going to work every day.My job was fun a log time ago.Now it just sucks.

  15. ::big daddy k:: 60 months ago | reply

    i am sorry you are grumpy but this is the best. your look, the pose, the balloons are just awesome.

  16. SoullooN 60 months ago | reply

    Balloons have a wonderful way of bring cheer . . . Peace

  17. Dan Hamp 60 months ago | reply

    haha! I hate to laugh at your misery, but this photo and description cracked me up. It sure doesn't look like the balloons cheered you up. It kind of looks like they pissed you off.

  18. onebluehippo 59 months ago | reply

    I love this photo. Thank you for sharing it in Flickr Creative Commons. I used it to illustrate a recent post.

  19. matty_gibbon 16 months ago | reply

    This image is a little bit hilarious. I hope you don't mind but I have added it to a post on my blog. It is not live yet, but will be live Tuesday 15th. It will be here:

    The image will appear with credit and a link back to the Flickr page.

    If you would prefer me not to use it, please let me know (even after the post has gone live) and I will of course use something else.

    Many thanks,


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