Where is Wurster? Tokyo
In response to one of the many mind-boggling demands on Japanese architectural practice emerging as a result of 3-11, Professors Susan Ubbelohde and Dana Buntrock held a workshop in Tokyo from June 23-26, on the wise use of natural energy resources, planned on very short notice working with the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (建築環境省エネルギー機構) and supported in part by the University of California, Berkeley's Center for Japanese Studies.

Ten people and several suitcases worth of geeky tools and fast computers loaded with high-end softwares accompanied Susan and Dana, including three graduate students (David Fannon, Jeremy Fisher, and Kyle Konis), three alumni (Brendon Levitt, Ibone Santiago, and Edu Pintos), and two senior staff from Susan's office, partner George Loisos and Santosh Phillip.

Japanese participants came from the ateliers of Kengo Kuma, Kazuyo Sejima, Jun Aoki, Kumiko Inui, and from larger firms like Nikken Sekkei, Takenaka, and Kajima. Academic participants came from the University of Tokyo, Keio, Tokyo Fine Arts University, and Tokyo Metropolitan University.

It was an amazingly internationa bunch as well: Berkeley participants came from the U.S., Greece, India, and Spain. Tokyo-based participants came from Japan, Russia, China, Holland, England, Italy, and the U.S.
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