• check this out.... crazy Japanese :-)
  • the Don Quixote store building

Rooftop rollercoaster

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  1. Leo King 113 months ago | reply

    I live near here. The neighbors are really pissed, and since it's Japan it will probably cost about 8 bucks a ride, and last 10 to 15 seconds.

    This is also right in the middle of Roppongi where all the bars and dance clubs are, and the store is open 24 hours. So you can be sure there will be a steady rain of vomit pouring on the heads of everyone below.

    Oh well, I'll still line up for it.

  2. JanneM 113 months ago | reply

    It looks like what Don Quixote alread has in Osaka - an oval Ferris wheel, not a roller coaster. you have a set or round cabins running on the tracks, but they go really slowly, and it makes for a pretty good view.

    I don't have a decent picture online, but you can glimpse it in the right corner here: www.flickr.com/photos/jannem/19042576/in/set-515989/

    Also, it is the thing sticking up way in the distance here:

  3. adamnvillani 113 months ago | reply

    No, it's defintiely an Intamin Half-Pipe rollercoaster. There are two existing, one in Finland and one in Denver at Elitch Gardens. Here's a picture of the one in Denver:


  4. shrimpcrackerz 113 months ago | reply

    Taiwan has a much bigger roller coaster on top of a much taller building for over 15 years, in Kaoshiung.

    So roller coasters on top of buildings is nothing new.

  5. JanneM 113 months ago | reply

    Taiwan has a much bigger roller coaster on top of a much taller building for over 15 years, in Kaoshiung.

    Which makes you have more luck with your girlfriend or something?

    Anyway, I agree, when seeing the finished examples; it's a somewhat lame roller coaster. It's sadly not a Ferris wheel; the Don Qixuote wheel in Osaka is excellent as a quiet retreat for a couple, watching the city lights and having a spot of quality alone time.

  6. tomo honeycomb 113 months ago | reply

    Eh, the fact is that the roller coaster is gonna get pulled down soon without ever being used even one time due to the neighborhood people in strong protest against running it fearing the continual noise pollution.

  7. speedcult 113 months ago | reply

    I got drunk and built a rollercoaster in my backyard 5 years ago that looks quite similiar. Its about 4 stories tall
    and has two g0-g0 cages along with flamethrowers mounted on it.
    (sex,fire,danger)I'm not sure how that one works but ours spins two people as they free fall drop..sorta like the zipper on crack. There's some video/pics at
    my website. www.speedcult.com or use this direct link. www.speedcult.com/speedcult/coaster.php. As far as neighbors go , we just get them hammered and strap them in...they've learned to love it.

  8. EverJean 113 months ago | reply

    @ everyone, thanx for all the extra info! It may be not something very new, but it is spectacular imo.

    Seems a lot of you found out about this through www.boingboing.net/2005/12/26/building_rooftop_rol.html

    @ leo king
    well I suppose there will soon be even more umbrella vendors on the streets near Don Quixote ;-)

    @ speedcult,
    I saw your site, LOL! are you a rollercoaster addict? Great job!

  9. chowitt 113 months ago | reply

    This is Don Quixote in Roppongi? This is going to take those wild Friday nights to a new level! Did you take this from Roppongi Hills?

  10. EverJean 113 months ago | reply

    Yes, the picture is taken from the Mori Tower, Tokyo City View.
    It's definitely worth the experience. Best to go there I think when it's clear, or at sunset.

  11. JanneM 113 months ago | reply

    Here's a better picture of the Ferris wheel at Don Quixote in Osaka:


  12. Mariette Jeannette 113 months ago | reply

    Coolness! though I prefer the 'real' highspeed rollercoasters, I'm sure this one might sure kick it too, because it's on a rooftop. Gosh...

  13. EverJean 113 months ago | reply

    @JanneM Thanks for the Osaka Ferriswheel pictures. You specially went over there to take them? :)

  14. e7ke 113 months ago | reply

    hey everjean.
    coole pics.

    Sta jij vandaag toevallig ook niet op de homepage van flickr? :-)

  15. JanneM 112 months ago | reply

    Everjean: I walk around that area quite often, and I usually have my camera with me. Your post here just made me realize I didn't have any good pictures of the ferris wheel. Since I see it all the time, it doesn't feel like anything special.

    I've rectified this by now, though - here's a daytime pano of it that shows it in more detail:


  16. mimbrava 112 months ago | reply

    Congrats on the #1 ranking, and thank you for adding this shot to the Interestingness pool.

  17. sdtj1 109 months ago | reply

    That is why I love Tokyo, such an amazing city.

  18. wolfsong1 109 months ago | reply

    That rollercoaster would be a noisy beast.I think I like the ferriswheel better.They have a rollercoaster running around the top of a twenty + story tower in Las Vegas.Must be quite a ride!

  19. ka_tie76 97 months ago | reply

    oh, wow....

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