Prince Holds The Katamari On His Shoulders
This was for my sculpture 1 class at the Academy of Art University over in SF. we were to make a sculpture in wax to be cast into bronze. The topic of katamari damacy came up with a friend and i decided i might wanna do something in that theme... but then again i also wanted to make an Atlas holding the world on his shoulders... so i thought about it and the only logical conclusion is that i should do both!

The sculpture is 9 lbs. of cast bronze, 8" tall, with a liver of sulfur cold patina base on both pieces and then a cupric hot patina on the Prince. the Katamari is designed to balance on the back/arms of the Prince so the two pieces are not welded together (this was an aesthetic choice because it's really cool holding the ball on its own and also i wanted to make sure the patina on both was distinctly separate). the Katamari was cast hollow with one bump missing which was then welded on later.

thanks for everyone's support!

For those who wish to purchase this:

drop me an email ( Copies are made by commission (it's too expensive to make a batch and /hope/ someone buys them) and are $600 each + shipping for a ~10 pound item.
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