Available Textured Acrylics
Evelyn Kirkaldy’s latest acrylic creations are layered in sensuous, intricate texture. “I try to express light, colour and movement all at the same time.” Drips, dots and spatters merge and mingle to create striking contemporary landscapes. Working quickly and primarily without the limitations of a brush, Evelyn is able to harness the sense of spontaneity that is key to creativity. A deep sense of the natural world and energetic colour play are fundamental to her portrayals of vibrant mountain meadows, lively flower gardens and lush rainforests. She enjoys surprising her audience by developing various dimensions in her work. From a distance many of her canvases appear representational, but upon closer inspection, they become replete with sensuous abstract shapes. "I have a lot of fun with these paintings. I feel free to be expressive in my work."
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