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Big Day Out | by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
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Big Day Out

Lucha VaVOOM headlines the ‘El Jimador Mexican Wrestling Bar' At Big Day Out 2013; Sydney, Australia


Red hot extreme Lucha Libre pro wrestling and more is what Sydney got at today's Big Day Out in heatwave continues.


The action and lucha heat matched the heatwave conditions.


Sadly, not many lucha wrestling masks were sold (they don't feel so good at the best of times, let alone in the heat), but drink sales were at fever pitch, as was crowd participation, with even a couple of fans having an impromptu "match" before official bell time. Interestingly, the Lucha promoter didn't seem to mind. There was also the good old Mexican wave done by what must have been about 500 fans, many of which also screamed out Ric Flair trademark "Wooooo"! calls (with and without wrestling chops to the chest).


The Lucha's will be in Australia for about a week, as part of Australia's Big Day Out festival touring Australia, and then they will work they was back to LA in the U.S of A.


The megastars of Los Angeles based Lucha VaVoom rumbled to fever pitch at the music festival and fans lapped up the mix of Mexican lucha libre wrestling, burlesque dancing and "post-punk vaudeville", as The Daily Telegraph called it.


Inspired by the Mexican pseudo sport whose champions are household names, the sequin and lycra-clad luchadores flip and fly in the wrestling ring in good (technicos) VS evil (rudos) matches. Headline stars such as Cassandro, Crazy Chicken, Dirty Sanchez and Chocolate Caliente are very good pro wrestlers, and heavily inspired by punk and cabaret, but the look of things.


Co-founder Rita D'Albert worked with rock bands for years before forming this unique act a decade ago.


"I think crazy Mexican wrestling is a pretty natural progression from rock'n'roll," she said. "It's theatrical, it's got energy and a lot of rock shows don't have that anymore."


Media Man and Wrestling News Media have seen a lot of pro wrestling in their day and were overheard "WWE might be generally more technical than Lucha VaVoom, but this LA Mexican troupe is all over them for extreme stuff - the kind that put the legendary and original ECW on the map. Judging by today, Lucha VaVoom looks to have a fantastic and extreme future in Australia. As WWE superstar Ryback would say, "Feed Me More". Oh, dream match we want to see - WWE's Rey Mysterio VS any of these guys. It will probly never happen, but we can dream.


Today lucha sports entertainment was certainly a dream come true for many Australian pro wrestling fans who like their pro wrestling more on the extreme, colourful and musical side. WrestleMania look out!



Press Release...






Direct from the US, the Lucha VaVOOM troupe will be putting on a show quite unlike any other at BIG DAY OUT 2013. Lucha VaVOOM is non-stop, action-packed surrealism where Mexican masked wrestlers perform breathtaking acrobatic feats in a fast-paced, fun-filled, character-driven style. Known for their far-out flamboyance, its quick, exhibition-style, one-fall Lucha Libre matches designed for maximum enjoyment and action.


The ultimate distraction, Lucha VaVOOM like a little sexo with their violencia; in between matches the finest handpicked burlesque acts from around the world wow the crowds with their unique striptease skills including raucous aerial acts, pogo-stick peelers and hula-hoop hotties. Their insane antics have Jack Black proclaiming “Lucha VaVOOM is the shit!” and it’s easy to see why.


Celebrating their tenth anniversary, Lucha VaVOOM have only got crazier over time. Rooted in history, they draw inspiration from the bizarre world of sixties Mexican Lucha Cinema. The troupe has been considered one of the most outrageous shows on earth having performed sold-out shows all around the world, they have taken to the stage alongside the likes of legends such as Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle, as well as appearances on Jimmy Kimmel, Attack of the Show, Carson Daly and A Current Affair. Los Angeles Times said the Lucha VaVOOM show “has the pacing of a prison break” and BIG DAY OUT 2013 punters are set for something spectacular with the crew perform in a dedicated area. Here’s what the press have had to say:


“Lucha VaVOOM has a big future.” TIME MAGAZINE


“… It’s enough to make even the most jaded Hollywood insider jump up and yell ‘Smackdown.” ROLLING STONE


“…a raucous and irreverent extravaganza of burlesque, comedy and classic Mexican luchadore wrestling.” THE HUFFINGTON POST.


“Lucha VaVoom is the most exciting, bonkers show I’ve seen in ages.” THE FACE (UK)


“A madcap mix of Mexican wrestling, comedy, and vintage burlesque. I love, love, love it.” VANITY FAIR


“…a weird mix of cabaret, burlesque, Mexican Luchador wrestling with a live DJ, crowd interaction and commentary…depending on the night, people like Drew Carey turn up to do commentary for it. It is the most bizarre experience. The entire audience is dressed up and it’s like Halloween, everyone is in some weird costume. It was the greatest night of entertainment I have probably seen in my entire life.” ROVE MCMANUS


Lucha VaVOOM will be appearing at the El Jimador Mexican Wrestling Bar at all 2013 Big Day Out dates.



Mexican Masked Wrestling + Burlesque + Comedy = Lucha VaVOOM...


Lucha VaVOOM is a non-stop, action-packed scream-a-thon, where Mexican Masked wrestlers flip and fly, performing breathtaking acrobatic feats while battling evil luchadores. Historically speaking, Lucha VaVOOM brings the bizarre world of 60’s Mexican Lucha Cinema to life. Brave, masked wrestling crime fighters save the world from evil brains, vampires, the Bermuda Triangle etc; always with an obligatory stop at the local go-go club.


In-between matches, the finest, handpicked burlesque acts from around the world astound; at Lucha VaVOOM, we like a little sexo with our violencia. Raucous aerial acts, Pogo-stick peelers, hula-hoop hotties; we’ve got it all!


But wait there’s more! Our color commentary is handled by comedians Tom Kenny, Dana Gould and Blaine Capatch. Other guest commentators include Fred Armisen, Brian Poussein, Patton Oswalt, Greg Proops, Jeffrey Ross and Bobcat Goldthwait. Even Jack Black sat in, proclaiming “Lucha VaVOOM is the sh*t!


It all began in August 2003 as a one off event. The overwhelming crowd response convinced Rita & Liz to do it again, and as soon as possible.


Ever since, Lucha VaVOOM has played at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles three times a year -- Valentines Day, Mid-summer, and Halloween. From there, Lucha brought it’s circus to Toronto, where they did two nights at the Koolhaus and made every newspaper and TV news program, including Much Music.


In 2005, Lucha VaVOOM was asked to be a part of the first HBO Las Vegas Comedy Festival, where they performed alongside Jon Stewart, Lewis Black and Dave Chapelle. That same year they performed at the famous Sony E3 party at Dodger Stadium, where they took the spotlight away from the Pussycat Dolls.


Lucha VaVOOM has gone on to perform in Chicago, San Francisco and Amsterdam, with more cities on the way.


They’ve also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, CBS National News, G4's Attack of the Show, Channel X in Britain and A Current Affair just to name a few.




Big Day Out


Big Day Out - Lucha VaVOOM


Lucha VaVOOM official website


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