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365! | by evantravers
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Several weeks ago, I was thinking about my flickr life, and it suddenly struck me that I must be getting close to an entire year of posting a photo per day. I hit up my archives, and sure enough… today I would have a 365 (unofficially).


It's been a fun year. I've gotten quite a few explored, including one Front Page (which was very exciting!) I also shot at a couple weddings, Sloss furnace, some amazing cars, and many, many kittens. :P


As I was thinking about the experience of posting per day… I reflected a little on the frustration of *needing* to post a photo. I felt like it forced me sometimes to put up photos of lesser quality, or without any story of how it was made or any help. I don't want to do that any more.


So as of today, now that I've reached my milestone, I'm going to stop *needing* to post a photo per day. I'll set some other goal for myself, I'm not sure what it is yet. Maybe go on a dedicated photoshoot/photowalk at least once a month, where I have to travel somewhere. If I have photos, I'll post them once a day. But I won't dig back in my archives, and dress up some old photo just to keep up the "high score." I'm only going to post a photo if I really think it's quality, and I'll also really take the time to write something good to go along with it.


Thank you all for your kind comments, favs, and flickrmails throughout this past year. It's been an amazing learning experience and a great encouragement to me. Hopefully my photostream will only get stronger and more helpful to you as well.


Photo/Strobist Info:

When I was thinking on how to commemorate the 365, I initially thought about doing a self portrait. Then I remembered I hate doing 'em, and I looked in the mirror and that sealed the deal. Then I thought about doing this. Here's how I did it. I took a small cardboard box, then glued a piece of strong construction paper to it. I lightly drew my message on it, then with a finishing nail poked regular holes along the path, holding it up to the light to check to see if the hole was clean. When I was done, I took my SB-900 with the diffuser dome and a Lumiquest Lightbox III, and placed it in the box. It gave a large, even source of light. I took a few shots, then I took the flash out, and placed some different color gels over each digit. I settled on RGB, thought it was appropriate. I put the flash back, set up my tripod, defocused my 50mm 1.4… and voila! Instant bokeh message.


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Taken on September 18, 2009