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Stranger No. 86/100 - Kelly

This picture is #86 in my 100 Strangers project.


After ending my drought of strangers in Melbourne, I coordinated with Pete to spend another afternoon shooting in our favourite local haunt--Newtown. Perhaps it's just the difference in seasons, but even for a Saturday, the place seemed a bit slow. It wasn't until the afternoon that I got my first stranger of the day--Kelly.


We were slowly making the rounds when I spotted Kelly just inside the entrance to a clothing store. While debating on making the approach, she turned and ventured further inside. And so we continued our way. While heading back to the Hub, we were waiting at a stoplight when I noticed her from across the street. Without really any explanation, I dashed off across the street and sped down the sidewalk to catch up with her.


Kelly was happy to participate in the project when I provided her with an explanation about what we were up to. After grabbing a few shots, the three of us had a great chat, emphasizing for me how much of the project is about the interaction.


Originally from the UK, she tried living in NZ and Melbourne before finally settling on Sydney, where she now works in children's publishing. The beautiful weather--despite it being Winter down under--on Sat confirmed that she had made the correct decision.


Thanks for participating in my project, Kelly! If you like how the photo has turned out, please let me know and I'd be happy to send you a full sized copy.


I just realized that I'm closing in on number 90! Yikes.


You can now find me on Facebook under the moniker Armchair Photography!


Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!



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Taken on July 14, 2012