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Take Charge | by Evan Dell Photography
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Take Charge

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hahah so this particular night we decided to shoot after the show in one of the worst streets in tampa, long story short a cop pulls up into the parking lot/abandoned lot we were setting up in. he doesnt flash his lights or make a sign at all showing he's a cop til he exits. doesnt even make his authority known (which in this neighbor hood in particular not what i would expect for all we knew he was a drug dealer about to try and roll us.) he gets out does the typical rigamorale what are you doing here, your trespassing blah blah more rudeness. i replied respectful and noted there was not a no trespassing any where on the property also the property had no owner at this point and time and we were shooting in a parking lot. this led to more banter blah blah blah i stay respectful and buy us 20 minutes at this spot.(helps when your family is a bunch of cops etc.)


we set up so there goes 10 minutes (3 lights), then shooting halfway thru another cop stops buy and this one doesnt say anything just gets out says oh photo shoot sorry wrong people i was looking for and leaves. no banter what so ever. we continue to shoot we get to the last frame and another cop shows stops at the edge of the street says photo shoot sorry and leaves again. straight up hat trick of law enforcement haha. shoot ends we pack up and head home.


later that night me and danner were watching the news and guess what, some one had gotten mugged and gunned down one street over from where our location was, which def explains the cops checking in on us and jazz and the rudeness but def acceptable in my book when your looking for two killers armed and dangerous, props tampa p.d. for catching em.



-ab1600 thru beauty dish center

-ab800 left way far back for rim and fill

-ab800 right way back for fill and rim

(no ambient what so ever focused using car lights)


5d mrk 2

35mm f1.4 usm L



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Taken on October 16, 2010