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I have been tagged by Daniela Duncan! If you don't know her already, head on over and check out some of her amazing work!


So since it hasn't gotten about 25 in a couple weeks here, I thought that my tag should be from a warmer, sunnier time! This one is from the Dreams Resort in Punta Cana!


I have learned that I am really not good at SP at all, no matter how hard I try, haha The only ones I end up liking are ones where I have a few clones in the shot or have my face half hidden behind the camera.


So anyways, here are 5 interesting things that you may not know about me, and 5 things that you already knew about me! We'll do the ones you probably don't know first!


1. My favorite TV shows are the Office and Sopranos, before it got cancelled


2. My cell phone number has been through every single major carrier in the US at least once, and through one carrier twice!


3. Growing up I wanted to move to a small town in the midwestern US, once that had one main road going through it and everyone knew everyone else. Not sure why, it just sounded appealing!


4. I have spoken German for 16 years, and was only 2 credits shy of a double major in college. Next on my list of languages are Italian and Russian


5. Christmas is my absolutely favorite time of year, and I am very sad that I have to wait 357 days (as of 1/7/10!) to have it again!


And now 5 things you probably already knew!

1. I love tequila on the rocks, by far the greatest drink one could have. Although a good class of whiskey never hurt anyone!


2. I am addicted to HDR. I just can't stop


3. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite football team, and I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers, which doesn't mix well considering I live in Pittsburgh


4. I have 2 tattoos, but would like more. not sure how many more, I just want more


5. The sun and the flares that come with is it probably my favorite thing to photograph!


Thanks for stopping by and reading about me! I will tag people soon!


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Taken on July 2, 2008