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    Peaceful Heart Doctor
    720 Grant Ave, San Francisco
    (between Commercial St & Sacramento St)

    It was pristine once but not all humans are good. kinda sad how they must destroy everything. they all can't see beauty. notice the yellow paint which is on the wall. notice the paint dripping into the doctor, notice the sign on the right hand side and especially notice the plexiglass now covering the doctor so that no one can deface the art and in there is hope.

    (CC) Eva Blue. Feel free to use this photo but please credit me when you use it and if you're really nice, you'll send me a message informing me where you used it. Thanks!

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    1. Mathieu Connery 48 months ago | reply

      looks much better like that..
      public art is to everyone including taggers and plexi lovers..
      the guy didnt even cover the whole piece with his plexi..
      no respect!!

    2. Eva Blue 48 months ago | reply

      the defacing and the plexiglass are as important as the art itself. the fact that people are interacting with the street art is art in itself. we can dislike the aesthetics of the act and the result but we have to appreciate that it is part of "the performance" of the piece. what humans do to art is a commentary on society and thus the success of the work which makes people interact with it whether it be to make it ugly or to remove it as well as the act of preventing such acts. you have to look at the whole and not just one aspect. it is art. art is.

      as for the plexiglass covering only part of it. i suspect that the peace sign and the heart was there before banksy added his doctor. from what i've seen so far, he finds special places and objects where he then comments with his work. also, do you know how expensive plexiglass is? to cover the whole thing, someone has to pony up a decent amount of money. so maybe we should thank the person for even this small act to save the work as opposed to criticizing?

      this is why i don't like to comment. we don't know what the answers are. instead of assuming, more questions should be asked to better understand the whole.

      and yes, public art. it belongs to everyone. the act and the artist does not.

    3. Eva Blue 48 months ago | reply

      also by the same sentiment, it can happen in reverse. to want to make public art, private art.



    4. Mathieu Connery 48 months ago | reply

      im just joking
      though, i wonder if there wasnt any plexi if there wouldv been other interventions.. hum..
      anyhow people need to let go

    5. DanaZarc 45 months ago | reply

      I love the picture of the doctor and the heart! It was perfect for my Depression Test website. I put it on my page about Inpatient Depression Treatment. Thanks so much for allowing us to use this awesome picture!

    6. josie lynn richards 37 months ago | reply

      perfect pic for an ailing city & a mending heart.

    7. Art Advocado 34 months ago | reply

      Hello! I used your image (and credited you) in my blog post about the arts in healthcare:

      Thanks so much!

    8. Marta Grădinaru 32 months ago | reply

      we should take care what kind of peace are we looking for....because we can find ...a wall. I think each of us can listen the others' heart ... just listening, sometimes no more ...and we are fully partaking the others' life

    9. jensodegaard 27 months ago | reply

      Hey Eva, I used your pic here: Thanks for posting it under a CC license.

    10. Kakid21 14 months ago | reply

      Cela fait longtemps que je n'avais pas ressenti ça,
      L'envie, le besoin d'avoir un homme qui te prend dans ses bras.
      Un homme qui t'embrasse, et te regarde avec douceur
      Un homme qui t'aime, voila l'ordonnance du coeur.

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