• nifty new dj features
  • embed features is hidden here
  • lots of menu features went here
  • social media feed frenzy here
  • paage up page down scrolling through without changing pages
  • pause or start your streaming of music. especially good if the page scrolling too fast because you listen to to many people
  • skip videos! only play music.
  • archives are awesome!
  • reblips, playlist and some other stuff got pulled off the blip into a secondary menu
  • props are still there!
  • scrolly scrolly! uppy downy!
  • partial dj list. you can collapse it if you don't want to see it.

new blip interface features (oct 2009)

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big picture here if you're too lazy to click "all sizes"

seems the new @blipfm interface is a little confusing because so many new features have been added. i've been playing with the beta so the switchover for me was seamless. i like the new version because they've added so much usability and features i like as a blipper.

so here's the stuff i found. it might help you figure out where all the old stuff went and what the new stuff is.

or you can see what the official blip blog says are the new features. i've highlighted their comments and pointed to the interface here:


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  1. Sandman5 65 months ago | reply

    I'm so bummed you're not following on Blip anymore... *sigh* Can I be your 91st favourite Blipper? ;)

    The new UI is cool but sometimes runs a bit slower than the old one. I sometimes have to wait until the entire page loads before being able to give props. It seemed faster with the older one... No lag.
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  2. Carl_C 65 months ago | reply

    Ms @evablue, you are quite awesome! thanks for getting all this info posted to flickr/Blip!

    Agree w/ @sandman5 that it sometimes runs a bit slower. I think the ads and images make the wait longer.

  3. Eva Blue 65 months ago | reply

    i use my inbox a lot. so i open multitudes of tabs (10-20) and let them all load then do one page at a time and close each one. i don't wait for each page to load, prop, then open another one. even with the old site, it was painful to sit and wait. so i don't feel the difference you're taking about.

  4. threebears 65 months ago | reply

    Neat! Thanks Eva - a useful resource for all of us :)

  5. bhg 65 months ago | reply

    nice too see i'm still your #1
    could you re do the London Underground map & 2012 Olympics logo too. tnx for the blip map

  6. Eva Blue 65 months ago | reply

    algorithms. that dj list is fed by most recent blipper from your dj list and goes in chronological order. refresh your browser and you'll see the results.

    much thanks to @CarlC (twitter) aka @DownLow (blip) who suggested i make one.

  7. santamistura 64 months ago | reply

    very nice eva ;O)

  8. anjeee 61 months ago | reply

    thanks, eva! i was gone from blip for a few months, so i really appreciate this! =)

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