Rhodes College in the 1970s
These are scans from my original black & white negatives (and a few color slides and prints) of photos I shot as a student at Rhodes College, which was called Southwestern at Memphis at the time.

All photos fall in the range of dates between September, 1970, and May, 1974. If I am not sure of the exact year, I will tag them as "Sometime in 1973," since that's when most were taken. These represent my entire photo collection from my college years. I posted everything that was technically acceptable and not a duplicate of a given subject.

Any Flickr member can add tags to photos in this Set, so please help me out by tagging them with the names of anyone you recognize. Just click the "add a tag" link on the individual photo page. I am especially interested in correcting any erroneous dates, of which there are many, so please let me know if you run across any of those.

I was photo coordinator of the 1973 Lynx yearbook and co-editor of the 1974 edition, so some of these may have appeared in those publications.

Notice that a few of these shots are from off-campus (such as Downtown Memphis and the airport), but they are from the same period, so I threw them in as well.

As time goes on, I plan to add tags and captions updating info on the subjects of these images. Most of the updates are based from info in the latest Alumni Directory (2004).

As of fall, 2008, over 200 of these images have been added to the Rhodes College Digital Repository.

Any digital editing was aimed at improving the technical quality, mostly softening some of the grain, restoring the dynamic range, and removing dust and scratches. Other than cropping, there has been no alteration of content, so these are real scenes as they really appeared a third of a century ago.

More recently (January, 2009), Rob Barrow ('75) has also put up some photos from the same period.

Let the nostalgia begin!

Ed Uthman, Class of '74

PS: I'm now on Facebook as "Ed Uthman", as are many of the individuals pictured in this Set. It's a good place to reacquaint yourselves and make new friends.

PPS: I visited the campus for Homecoming, 2009, and took some updated photos of the campus.
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