Global Greens & European Greens - Congress 2017
The European Greens and the Global Greens, for the first time in our history, held a joint congress that brought together Greens from all over the world for a weekend of intense political debate. It was the biggest gathering of Greens in history to date.

The congress took place in Liverpool, the UK, and was hosted by the Green Party of England and Wales.

Critical discussion points were on the agenda, and prominent speakers like Isabella Lövin, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden; Caroline Lucas, MP and co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales; Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets in Sweden; and Elizabeth May, MP and Party Leader of the Green Party of Canada. They addressed important global issues such as democracy, climate change, feminism and tax evasion.

The numerous parallel sessions offered the chance for participants to meet with likeminded Greens from across the globe, with ample opportunities for networking and socialising.

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