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At Trancemission 15, Rae gave a speech:


"We come together tonight, some of us for the first time, some for the fifteenth time or for any number of summers in between, to enjoy, embrace, and indulge.


We permit ourselves to be ridiculous: childish, wild, and warmer than in our everyday lives. It is messy, and yet the most pure and cathartic thing we may ever get to do.


How would you even begin to describe this feeling to those who have never been here?


We have sought the orange dinosaur at coffee shops around the city. We have awaited with eager anticipation the disclosure of renegade venues, with butterflies in our stomachs, until getting finally past metal doors or logging road gates.


From indoor events at the Cheese Factory, the Korean Hall, and W2, summer parties at Mile 36, Hell's Gate, and right here on magical Moon Farm, we have celebrated together, monumentally and unabashedly, and discovered dangerous and delicious moments of ecstasy, intimacy, and adoration.


Our connection doesn't go away when the music stops, when the trip ends, or when we pack up our hoodies and glow sticks and go home. After all this, you close your eyes, you hear a track, you remember a moment, you get goosebumps for no reason, you laugh out loud at your desk at work on Monday... This is why we're here.


To laugh for days about epic prop failures and unforgettable successes: remembering handmade cabanas and big weird heads, air tram rides, paragliders and flammables. Surviving sand-stranded cars, stuck elevators, power failures, noise and forestry violations and hay bail collapses, in pouring rain, beside flooded rivers with dogs riding the rapids, surrounded by trees, truckloads of TVs and totem poles, we fight daylight with every ounce of strength.


Despite love gained and love lost, despite the sheer agony of just plain growing up and growing old, despite tragic loss, we find a way to do this.


I am so proud and grateful to have been able to do this each summer since 2003, and still hate that I didn't make it to the first 5... I met my best friend on a log, in the dark, at my first Trancemission. I have found many more friends since... Many have become lovers and lost lovers, even proposed marriage and planned families in the glow, strobe and BASS of Soundproof parties.


Thank you to Martin Sikes, who is no longer with us on Earth, but is with us at every silly moment, and every raging success. Thank you to the tireless and creative Soundproof crew of past, present and future, for continuing this legacy.


Thanks to DJs who have kept the beats going and evolving for 15 summers; you have helped us to evolve with the music, at times holding our hands and easing us in gently, at times launching us, grinning and flailing like kids on a roller coaster ride, screaming with delight.


Thanks to everyone who shows up party after party, year after year, for your energy, your warmth, your appreciation for what Soundproof is... While our numbers may be small, none can doubt the significance these events have had in our lives.


You have become my family and my tribe, the people I feel relieved to see.


Tonight, as you venture out into the dark and into the depths of music and mayhem to enjoy, embrace, indulge once again, look around you, and look deep into your own soul.... see two hundred smiling faces who feel the exact same way as you do... know that you are less lost than most. Trip, skip, stumble, flail, fall, and hold each other close... Above all: dance your fucking asses off... STAY UP FOREVER!!!!"

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Taken on November 3, 2012