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Comrades, chaaaarge! | by Eturior
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Comrades, chaaaarge!

13.8.1944, near Berlin


Comrades! We are not far from Berlin! If we take this village, our planes can fly free, and rain death from above! We can't fall. Not today! We have outnumbered them five to one. Be brave! Be strong! Make the Motherland proud! Comrades. Today, we can make history! Chaaaaaarge!


My third World War Two related diorama ever :) First one was quite horrible, but my second one was a lot better.


But anyway, this diorama, is set somewhere pretty near Berlin. Dates and other things like that are not historically exact or any accurate ;) I have wanted to build a WW2 dio for a pretty long time, but I have always thought that I don't have enough parts to make forests and not enough parts to make village. And I have never really had any good idea what to build if I had parts, but now I got a pretty good idea. I started with that lower left corner. It was supposed to be trench-like forest, and it came out very well in my opinion :) I also wanted to use that stone wall idea, and that is what I am proud of! I wanted to make some sort AA base in a small village/ farm, and this is the result. Farm with small field in the middle of forest. I like this dio, and I hope you like it too :) Shame that there is no fitting contest going on at the moment. This dio might have placed ;)


It took over 2 months to build this, mostly because I had to do some trading to get this project done. I was hoping to cover this with grass, but that package never came >:(


And, once again, I used my custom decals to make my Fallschirmjägers, Wehrmacht, Gestapo and Red Army.


Gais, check this :3

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