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Moody Sunset on Naxos Beach

An unexpected turn of weather made this timelapse more interesting than I originally anticipated. It was a sunny, cloudless day on Naxos (Greek island) and we spent it on the beach. But about an hour or two into the timelapse, a mysterious band of clouds formed in the distance and the sun quickly disappeared behind it. Disappointed, I was about to stop the shoot, but decided there might be a chance the sun would reappear - and that's precisely what happened. The sun dipped below the clouds and re-lit everything with a golden glow, which made a fantastically moody sunset.


Things I liked: people playing around on the beach, which under long exposure seemed like ghosts floating about. Footsteps in the sand. The rhythm of the waves, and the sand/debris in the foreground being pushed around by the waves.


Not all frames are created equal, so certain special frames were emphasized - extracted and faded in and out on top of the original image sequence. The result is a certain lingering or ghosting effect in the video.


Equipment: Nikon D300, Nikon 35mm f/2.0

Music by: Fat Jon - Maia


(my friend Christine and I make a cameo in the beginning)


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Uploaded on July 18, 2009