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    1. ...James 49 months ago

      Prague! Hope you had/are having fun!
      Don't know what you do, but its instantly recognisable as your work....lovely processing!

    2. .natasha. 49 months ago

      Thanks James! I just got back last night (boo!). Prague was beautiful and great :)

    3. .donna 49 months ago

      So lovely, your scenes always suggest you have access to a cherry picker! Psst, dying to know everything. :)

    4. torsten hansen (berlin) 49 months ago

      wonderful shot - love the light

    5. Momentary Glimpse 49 months ago

      Ahh. Good memories of Prague in Spring. Thank you.

    6. KimFearheiley 49 months ago

      Excellent composition. I always love your style and tones.

    7. *esra* (~ away) 49 months ago

      Lovely scene...Beautiful tones...

    8. ~Morgin~ 49 months ago

      Beautiful! Would love to visit Prague.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    9. ng.kelven 49 months ago

      Your travel photos are amazing Natasha... it makes me want to go to every place you've taken pictures of :D What great architecture!

    10. Nuzhat Aziz 49 months ago

      gorgeous natasha. love your work. It is simple and yet so evocative.

    11. .bärbel 49 months ago


    12. {JO} 48 months ago

      Prague looks so so beautiful...I think I need to get me there :)

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