Waldo Canyon Fire
Photos and videos of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.

All in sequence. All with date, time, and location included. Some shot from my phone (so a bit noisy).

Images begin Saturday, June 23 at 1pm and continue through Tuesday, July 3 at 8pm (at which point 80% containment overall and 100% containment of Colorado Springs boundaries had been achieved).

2 lives lost.
More than 18,000 acres burned.
Approximately 350 homes lost.
Tens of thousands evacuated.
More than a thousand fire fighters from 34 states assisting.
Support from several police agencies and the National Guard.
Countless efforts large and small by government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and individuals to help and support community members in all kinds of ways.

A challenging chapter nearly closed.

For more videos (some not included here for Flickr's 1:30 time limit), click to visit:
my YouTube channel.

Waldo Canyon Fire
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