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Plot - NTS - Newport South wales - Police Box - Rev 0 - Sht 4

This is the completed draft of the Newport Police Box, marked revision zero or original.


All measurements are rubbish as I don't have a single one. That is why not one measurement appears on this sketch. I'm not even certain of the Lantern measurements. Its taken from a previous effort for my Digital Preservation Project on a PA150 Police Post. It just happens that outside the Metropolitan Police everyone used the same lantern for their boxes.


This was made in about 12 hours based on photos in this set. I collected as much reference material as I could find in the week after I learned it was in danger. This is the result from the desire to preserve this Police box.


Since the first draft (Rev A) I've added details where I could. This telephone door sign is based of of archive photos of one on the Edinburgh Police Boxes. It was much more simple than the one or two existing signs on PA150 Police posts that are all curved text. I feel this one has a bit more charm.


I know that they plan to have it repaired but seriously look at the photos and think about it.


Do we want to lose this box forever because we thought it could be fixed? It should be documented with a million high resolution photos and proper measurements taken.


If its successfully repaired then Great we have documentation!

If it fails and the box is destroyed we can rebuild with the metal parts that survived.


Its only a possibility if someone makes it happen. I am too far away in Canada to make it happen all by myself. So I made these to aid in the process, It is all I can do from here.

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Taken on September 27, 2009