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Police Public Call Post - Lost & Found | by Star_Cross
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Police Public Call Post - Lost & Found

Its time for show and tell from the lost and found. Check back often, I will be updating the notes as I discover more.


During my near endless research runs through Google and other search engines I managed to find two previously unknown Police Posts.


The Left Post is outside the front door of Dyfed-Powys Police Headquarters in Llangunnor (51.851743,-4.28278). I can't even pronounce most of that so thankfully this is text! They have this listed in their virtual museum which you can visit Here.


The Right Post is located somewhere in Surrey. I randomly found this one on an automobile clubs website. The Austin Ten Driver's Club, you can visit the website Here. Unfortunately I was unable to pin down a location for this with google maps, but there are clues as to what part of Surrey it may be found in on their website.


I was quite pleased to find two new survivors, particularly the Metropolitan Post since there so few currently surviving. The fourth would have been Piccadilly circus but it was stolen 20 years ago therefore its condition is unknown. This would be the fourth or the fifth Survivor, depending on your thoughts on the fate of the stolen Post. Know Surviving Met Posts are marked below with a MP,


Below you will find a list of known surviving Police Posts and a photograph if available. There are also several more Posts that have turned up which may or may not still exist, or have no confirmed location. It is just as important to see these examples for historical interest.


I am sure there are more Police Posts out there waiting to be discovered and talked about, anyone up for an Adventure?


Police Post Numbers

Confirmed Survivors = 29 (+ more at Unicorn Kiosks?)

Unconfirmed = 02

Survivors PA 450 = 23

Survivors PA 350 = 03

Survivors PA 150 = 05


For the record there are 11 Posts on the streets of London. - London Map

Survivor 01) Piccadilly Circus - Fake MP - PA450 - Map

Survivor 02) AldGate - PA450 - Map

Survivor 03) St Martin's Le Grand - PA450 - Map

Survivor 04) Walbrook Street - PA450 - Map

Survivor 05) Old Broad Street - PA450 - (Unique Lantern Pole) - Map

Survivor 06) Victoria Embankment - PA450 - Map

Survivor 07) Northwood Police Station (MP) - PA350 - Article - Map

Survivor 08) Grovsner Square (MP) - PA350 - Map

Survivor 09) Queen Victoria Street - PA450 - Map

Survivor 10) Liverpool Street - PA450 - Map

Survivor 11) London Guild Hall Yard - PA450 - Map


Several in Private Hands:

Survivor 01) In a Garden - Solihull West Midlands - PA450

Survivor 02) Somewhere in Surrey (MP) - PA450 - Location Unknown - Status Last Photographed mid-2000s

Survivor 03) Garden in Sidcup, Greater London (MP) - PA450

Survivor 04) Garden in Sidcup, Greater London (MP) - PA450

Survivor 05) Sold on Ebay for L2,700 - PA450- buyer located in MacClesfield, United Kingdom


And several in Museums Across the UK.

Survivor 01) The Crich Tram Museum (MP) - PA450

Survivor 02) The Amberley Working Museum - PA450

Survivor 03) The Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings - PA450

Survivor 04) National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh - PA450

Survivor 05) Milton Keynes Museum - PA450 (Best decal of London City Police logo)

Survivor 06) Dyfed-Powys Police Station in Llangunnor - PA450

Survivor 07) Police museum in Ripon, Yorkshire - PA450

Survivor 08) Beamish Museum - PA450 - Newly restored


Several more have been Identified, But are missing Locations and/or can not be confirmed as Surviving:

Lost 01) Suspected Ministry of Works Building - Location & Status Unknown

Lost 02) Sitting on a Concrete Pad - Locatit on & Status Unknown

Lost 03) London City Post outside of Monument Tube station - Status Removed from Location late 1980s

Lost 04) Parking Lot in Lewes, East Sussex - Location & Status unknown - Last photographed 1996

Lost 05) Outside Red Duster pub, South Tyneside - PA450 - Article - Status removed late May 2009 by the Civil Defence and Emergency Service Preservation Trust for restoration and inclusion in a Kent Area Museum.

Lost 06) Original Piccadilly Circus Police Post - PA350 - Stolen 20 years ago and replaced by a PA450


Other Mentions but hard to identify.

01) Survivor - Type Unknown - West Mercia headquarters at Hindlip Hall in Worcester

02) Lost ? - PA150 Post - Rusted missing all doors - White House Gardens, Ditherington? (News Article)


There are also several Posts found outside of the UK as well. I understand that these posts were also sold and exported to various countries.


Two in Port-of-Spain in Trinidad

1) One on a street corner - PA450

2) One 1/3 buried in the ground - PA450


1) Painted green and found in Tripoli. - PA450


These are archive photographs from a website called LIFE. New keywords bring up many new photos, who knows what might be in there. These show interesting scenes of these Posts in their working days.

Archive Photo 01) London - 22nd January 1968

Archive Photo 02) Hendon - 5th April 1967

Archive Photo 03) Piccadilly Circus - December 1956

Archive Photo 04) 22nd July 1939

Archive Photo 05) 14th September 1939

Archive Photo 06) circa 1952

Archive Photo 07)1946 MP Shoulder Badge Reference

Archive Photo 08) Scotland Yard Training School 1967 (Possibly Hendon?)

Archive Photo 09) Piccadilly Circus Met Post circa 1939

Archive Photo 10) April 1946


Information on the PA150 Style Police Post:

Archive Photo 01) Bath - March 1947

Lost 01) Trent Embankment, Nottingham - Status Unknown

Survivor 01) Avoncroft Museum

Survivor 02) Amberley Museum

Survivor 03) Kent Police Museum

Survivor 04) Outside a Police Station in Hull

Survivor 05) Inside the Strathclyde Police Museum


Other Information for Reference:

The telephone installed in the Police Posts appears to be a GPO 200 Series model # 244.

01) This British Telephones website information page on the 244 model

02) Also seen in the Amberley Museum Post

03) As well as the Avoncroft Museum Post

04) Handset information

05) Telephone to Bits

06) British Telephones - Police Systems Menu

07) Lamp arranged to flash approximately one second on, and one second off.

08) A Bell No. 61A (Bell No. 61B in d.c. areas) should be fitted in the rear of the telephone compartment.


Scottish Police Boxes.

Edinburgh - Apparently there are about 80 still in the City. I've seen these photographed and geotagged, but never seen a complete list of all of them together. Let's see if it can be done eh?

01) 26 Duddingston Rd W - Map - Photo

02) 217 Newcraighall Rd - Map - Photo

03) 4 Frogston Rd E - Map - Photo

04) 3 Drum Street - Map - Photo

05) 91 St Leonard's St - Map - Photo

06) Marshall St - Map - Photo

07) Whitehouse Loan? - Map Location can not be found - Photo

08) 70 Northfield Broadway - Map - Photo

09) Baberton Loan - Map - Photo

10) Jock's Lodge, London Rd - Map - Photo

11) 26 Dalkeith St - Map - Photo

12) Craigmillar Police Station, Duddingston Rd W - Map - Photo

13) Barnton Junction - Map - Photo



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