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    On Monday evening I went to a talk at Stanford by Pandora (music service) co-founder Tim Westergren, a Stanford alum. The story he told was interesting. I hope to find time to blog about it one of these days.

    This is #34 in my Project 365 series.

    1. innabar 101 months ago | reply

      there's a good article comparing various music recommendation websites (like Pandora, here:,1558,1967383,00.asp?kc=ETR...

      Pandora works quite nicely for playing music that matches the artist/song you enter, but in kind of a predictable way - if you like Bach, it'll play music that sounds like Bach, with some deviation, but not too much. So it's better for listening when you're in the mood for something particular. works much better for finding something completely unexpected but totally great - you'll enter Bach, and just because of someone else's listening preferences, it'll point you to something you may like just as much as Bach, but that will have very little sonic similarity to it.

      aaanyway, if you enter "Ljova" ( on Pandora, we used to get a lot of bluegrass - which does have some similar sonic qualities to Ljova's music, but is quite far from it. so maybe that disproves my point above :)

    2. eszter 101 months ago | reply

      I thought Pandora didn't have classical music. Someone seemed to comment on that at the talk and Tim seemed to confirm it. Was that just a hypothetical?:)

      Also, does Pandora index Ljova's work? Because that's the only way it would know to match to it. They have musicians manually coding pieces on numerous dimensions and these get entered into the system.

      Personally, I use Yahoo! Music. I used to just listen to LaunchCast, but I'm now a paying member.

    3. oliverchesler 80 months ago | reply

      Thank you for adding a creative commons license to this great photo. I used it on this blog post:

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