Poor Man's Beauty Dish. Around $3.50 or $10 if you count the velcro.

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    I got creative here.
    Materials: White craft foam, sticky back velcro, bottom of a ziploc container, piece of emergency blanket, scissors and spray adhesive. I used a bowl to cut a 12" disc in the craft foam. Made flaps in the center for my sb900. I scored the disc and put pieces of velcro on either side so I could create a relatively bowl shaped disc. I cut the bottom out of the cheapest ziploc bowl I could find, spray adhesived the piece of blanket inside it and attached velcro to a few strips of foam and the back of my new reflector. Works reasonably well as a parabolic reflector or beauty dish if you will.

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    1. Paul T. Marsh/PositivePaul 53 months ago | reply

      What's nice about this is that it seems like it would be reasonably portable. And you could probably make it fit on-camera, too. I wonder if using a convex mirror (like the round ones in an auto parts store) might be better than using the space blanket...

      I'll have to try it and let you know!

    2. Brannon E. 53 months ago | reply

      The convex mirror would certainly work better, I'm sure. The support for the mirror surface is craft foam so I didn't think it would support a mirror, even one like you mention, so I went with the space blanket. This thing rolls up into a tube so it is fantastically portable.

    3. Paul T. Marsh/PositivePaul 53 months ago | reply

      Ah - right, foam... Good point. Definitely have to give this a shot!

    4. Paul T. Marsh/PositivePaul 52 months ago | reply

      I love how this fits with my flash on the camera. Here's my version, with credit to your idea:

    5. Allen Mowery 47 months ago | reply

      Hey, I love this tutorial and have put it to good use (see image). I also posted it on my own website (giving full credit, of course) for my readers to use if they found it helpful. Feel free to check out the post here.

      Burning Up the Wires

    6. Brannon E. 47 months ago | reply

      You made good use of the concept, Allen. I've been shocked at how many people took off with this idea! I appreciate the credit and look forward to seeing more of your Frankendish pics, man.

    7. Allen Mowery 47 months ago | reply

      Well, here's another one I took today during a brief photo shoot. I was amazed by the results! You are truly an inspiration.... ;-)

      Lauren 1

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