day 193: nail

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    1. estherase 96 months ago | reply

      My nails are rubbish after years of biting them... and the danger is that once one has broken, it tends to set me off biting the rest...

    2. Reinhilde 96 months ago | reply

      Oooh - that's the pits when you rip off a nail that short - you have to cut all the others too to make it look even :(
      After all the garden work my nails are in desperate need of a manicure too...

      I'll show that to Laila so she hears it from someone else that biting nails isn't a good idea ;)

    3. myrtlemount 96 months ago | reply

      Yep when one goes you've got to bit them all - it's the law.

    4. PJ Taylor Photo 96 months ago | reply

      I feel for you! I hate it when that happens. And it's true, when one goes they ALL seem to follow--the traitor bast*rds. :oP

    5. gordy1 96 months ago | reply

      nooo don't bite them it will grow back.:-) bloody annoying though.:)

    6. estherase 96 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys.... I'm doing my best to resist....

    7. practicalowl 96 months ago | reply

      Arrrgh! Not good!

    8. 5olly 96 months ago | reply

      stop it. you'll make me nibble

    9. estherase 96 months ago | reply

      Here's proof that i bite my nails...

      day 99: biting my nails

    10. mivox 96 months ago | reply

      All mine broke off one hand in the last week or so ... I'm waiting for the other hand to go, but I can't bring myself to cut 'em even. ;-)

      ... Seen in your photo stream. *

    11. 3wheeler 96 months ago | reply

      same problem-don't bite them. File the others shorter and wait for them all to grow.

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