what I do at work

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    1. steve_w 117 months ago | reply

      Nice colours...

    2. incidental music 117 months ago | reply

      I agree, despite the tag 'faec' :)

    3. Leo Reynolds 117 months ago | reply

      I never cultured for real but I loved running round swabbing things like toilet seats and hand rails and comparing what would grow when I was being taught microbiology. I never touch hand rails or door handles. Or toilet seats come to think of it unless I have to:)

      Great colours here. Is it the reaction of the colonies with the medium creating the colours?

    4. tarotastic 117 months ago | reply

      Truly motile! Great colours and shapes!!

    5. estherase 117 months ago | reply

      Leo: yup, it's Hektoen agar...

    6. jovike 117 months ago | reply

      Groovy colours

    7. estherase 117 months ago | reply

      Thanks :) I thought it was very traffic-lighty...

    8. quadrapop 117 months ago | reply

      one learns so much browsing flickr...

    9. Utisz 116 months ago | reply

      I'm still a bio student.. and I haven't seen hektoen before.. looks very interesting :)

    10. denn 113 months ago | reply

      What accomplished wee creatures! What are they?
      And I was just going to say it was traffic-lighty, too! :)

    11. MindSpigot 113 months ago | reply

      Good photo friday choice

    12. phdstudent 110 months ago | reply

      Funky plate! Hektoen agar is cool stuff.

    13. ~holly 106 months ago | reply

      Great plate!

    14. miss joey ♥ 73 months ago | reply

      We love the whole world, it's such a pretty place ♥
      And your photo reminds us of why it is so beautiful! We would love it if you can share your photo with the rest of Beautiful Biology
      Please share your view of our world with us!

    15. lizardguy 72 months ago | reply

      I love the colors with Hektoen enteric agar! I like how this plate has such a nice gradient.

      I recently photographed a colony on blood agar that I have not identified. Any thoughts on what it might be?

    16. Cleaner Science 57 months ago | reply

      Wow! Amazing shot.

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