He only had one leg. Some tragic story there I feel..


(See updates below, and in the rest of the set for news of his hearwarming reconstruction and return to life...)

  • Stewart Leiwakabessy PRO 10y

    'A large bird-like creature has been spotted minutes after Elmo was found on the street. According to some witnessess, the bird was yellow, and very feathery. SesameStreet does not wish to comment on anything'
  • wendie7 10y

    Just think - a few years ago, people would have been fighting each other in the street to get to him.
  • Storeyland 10y

    Poor Elmo, his blue haired sister will be crushed, no pun intended.
  • hot_tea 10y

    oh no!
  • Esther Simpson PRO 10y

    Update: he was still there this morning, but had managed to drag himself across the road. Realising he wasn't actually dead, I have rescued him and brought him with me to work at the hospital.

    Updates on his condition and progress soon..
  • Esther Simpson PRO 10y

    Update 2: he is now all red and fluffy and clean, and I've stuck his eyes back together...

    Next will be the attempt to regain his full vision using black Pentel to colour in the chewed bits of eyeball..

    Who needs Holby City?

    (Still to find a suitable donor leg though...)
  • Orbital Joe PRO 10y

    It is certainly heart warming to know that there are still some true Good Samaritans out there willing to take in, and heal the untickled, uninsured and downtrodden muppets among us.
    The fact still remains that thousands of orphaned Elmos are euthanized every day in this country...
    So please remember folks...
    ALWAYS spay or newter your Elmo
    (no matter how much they whine about it)
  • wester 10y

    but maybe he will feel at home in color on grey.
  • kierrn kasthut 10y

    oh my, I never laugh, but laugh I did @estherase...
  • Clara T 10y cute!
  • Joan Hill PRO 10y

    see first comment....

    the song, from sesame st., of course, really goes:

    "da-da, da-da
    da-da, da-da
    elmo's song"

    just ask any pbs-watching toddler here in the states!
  • synecdoche PRO 10y

    Maybe it was in the aftermath of this that you found him...
  • Kangan Arora PRO 9y

    Please add here
  • Meg D. 9y

    Ohhh! I'm glad you rescued him! Love the picture of him on the clothesline all cleaned up!
  • e X i t 1 3 p h o t o g r a p h y 9y

    love the title
  • Lillakanarie 9y

    Oh,no!!Poor Elmo....T_T
  • vries4Life!! 8y

    nice photo..
  • Lenny Drozner PRO 8y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Forgotten Toys, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
  • Arvind Kumar 7y

    I used this pic in No rules Photodomino. Hope it is ok.
  • Club penguin kid 6y

    he has cracked eyes poor little chap not much fun being dumped let a lone have cracked eyes
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