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911 Memorial Towers

The Vision


The Memoria Project is an artistic tribute to the 2,976 persons who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The piece, when completed, will be composed of 5 monolithic stones arranged in a circular space, with 2 additional stones in the middle (completed). Distinctly contemporary, it nonetheless evokes the sacred, megalithic sites found in many ancient world cultures.


Two white, marble statues are ringed by five dark, granite boulders incised with the names of 9/11 victims. Both the marble and granite are half-natural, half-worked: each dark boulder has one cut and polished face; each statue is a figure semi-emergent from the raw block.


All seven elements destroyed on 9/11—three buildings and four aircraft—are represented in the seven stones of the monument. The marble centerpiece recalls the World Trade Center, and the surrounding granite blocks form a pentagon.


The Memoria Project

Highlands, NJ, USA


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Taken on October 11, 2003